Pronunciation of Cross
/kɹˈɒs/, /kɹˈɒs/, /k_ɹ_ˈɒ_s/

Antonyms for cross:

lengthwise, uncross.

Synonyms for cross:

Sense 1

tinkle, checkmark, doggy, annoyed, SQ, wrestling, collection plate, gene, GMO, isosceles triangle, arm-wrestling, miffed, penalty kick, genetic engineering, red light, x chromosome, tum, double helix, one-two, road sign, sex chromosome, poppet, hash mark, cross-fertilize, frock, Gene Therapy, teeter-totter, kick off, heated, heterozygous, plow into, vestment, DNA Fingerprinting, hexagram, altar, quadrant, ko, doggie, wee, rood screen, genetic screening, rosary, frayed, retake, ideogram, genetic modification, Indian wrestling, peeved, free kick, gm, headlock, pentagon, stopstreet, asterisk, het up, Piqued, wee-wee, genome, half volley, meany, teeny-weeny, railroad crossing, sky, tootsies, green light, genetics, mutation, bare-knuckle, daddy, worked up, embittered, reproductive cloning, quadrilateral, hassock, caret, psalter, professional foul, homozygous, POO, wiener, sacrament, the WWF, prizefighter, feint, disgusted, sumo, the Queensberry Rules, doo-doo, mommy, grade crossing, interference, uppercut, chromosome, boxing, wrestler, dog collar, polyhedron, cloning, tummy, traffic lights, pugilist, pissy, wafer, octagon, parallelogram, trapezium, therapeutic cloning, middleweight, graven image, stoplight, sparring partner, piggy, pissed off, aggrieved, resentful, upsy-daisy, zebra crossing, scaredy-cat, jaywalking, boo-boo, obstruction, mishit, Kickboxing, T-intersection, fractal, heredity, welterweight, mutagen, tattle, genetically modified, font, the Eucharist, stigmata, mama, equilateral triangle, the Holy Grail, geneticist, recessive, Easter Egg, plow through, madonna, header, flyweight, Nana, right triangle, featherweight, professional wrestling, indignant, genetic profiling, bunny, biretta, ups-a-daisy, fraidy-cat, pound sign, stoup, decussate, surplice, handball, knock around, genetic code, bantamweight, shadow boxing, polygon, dollar sign, mummy, trapezoid, oblong, We, lead with, genetic fingerprinting, bow-wow, traffic cone, Gene Pool, tithe, fair play, rectangle, pedestrian crossing, traffic island, mutate, genetic, bout, glove, rhombus, cassock, scalene triangle, hexagon, dropkick, holy water, level crossing, y chromosome, southpaw, choo-choo, yippee, mix, goal-kick, heptagon, ringside.

Sense 2

prism, knock, kickoff, kick around, slugger, crossroads, birdie, bulldoze, checkmate, duke, tribulation, lozenge, querulous, hereditary, subway, cuboid, arrow, put out, lob, waspish, pretend, count out, triangle, grown up, boxer, right hander, nanny, icon, number two, backhand, hard-wired, balk, goody, inherited, tabernacle, collar, dribble, shoot, stranglehold, stymie, bless, welter, bitterly, hieroglyphics, dominant, gamer, rhomboid, vexed, cross-fertilization, tick, pucker, knockdown, impatient, jab, belligerent, power play, lightweight, dyspeptic, knockout, crumple, fighter, excited, chevron, heavyweight, joined-up, break through, mad, follow through.

Sense 3

set piece, stoop, rotary, creep, locus, life, pass on, smash, naughty, erase, stump, sequence, drill, undo, annul, throw in, left, cancel, glimmer, plate, falter, guard, desperate, too, testy, right of way, spar, twinkle, run up, decoration, sweetie.

Sense 4

circus, chip, dive, burden, gleam, harden, cone, clone, delivery, slice, lamb, offense, vector, host, pyramid, obliterate, silly, big, volley, vacate, diamond, foul, upset, robot, sore, disagreeable, little, flank, tackle, ball, punt, number one, kick.

Sense 5

cut, ring, furrow, field, defeat, lock, steal, snappy, cube, dummy, cold, spike, corner, possession, crease, inherit.

Sense 6

fall, ugly, head, round, angle, tighten, time, game, shot, rally, box, return, carrier.

Sense 7

serve, hook, play, throw, trial, nasty, breach, signal.

Sense 8

flare, blast, no., block.

Sense 9

squeeze, drive, start, pass.

Sense 10

miss, strike, filter, express, bang.

Sense 11

sharp, peak.

Sense 12

square, catch, star, register.

Sense 13


Sense 14

HIT, hot.

Sense 15


Sense 16


Sense 17


Sense 18


Sense 19


Sense 20


Sense 21


Sense 22


Sense 33


Sense 36



quarrelsome, bad-tempered.


pass through.



cut across





interbreed, hybridize, interbreeding, hybridizing.












get through.

Other synonyms and related words:

burden, bilk, crossbreed, balk, crosswise, crotchety, chevron, checkmate, choleric, spike, foil, ill-tempered, waspish, crucifix, mark, hybridize, pass over, baffle, X, traverse, crisscross, crossway, thwart, mongrel, splenetic, crossbred, frustrate, crossing, testy, bad-tempered, interbreed, hybrid, defeat.

all (adjective)

transversal, transverse, thwartwise.

bad-tempered (adjective)


crotchety (adjective)


disagreeable (adjective)


discontent (adjective)

joyless, bored, fed up, irritated, uneasy, disgruntled, miserable, frustrated, teed off, gloomy, dissatisfied, sour, exasperated, anxious, dissident, wretched, restless, displeased, anguished, malcontent, uncomfortable, discomposed, ticked off, cheerless, irreconcilable, unhappy, discontent, disapproving, despondent, non-satisfied, ungratified, disquieted.

ill-tempered (adjective)


irritable (adjective)

petulant, acerbic, irascible, irritable, crabbed, touchy, acid, bitter, peevish, crabby, fretful, caustic, prickly, sour, huffy, cantankerous, bellicose, cranky, churlish, petty, surly, spiteful, fractious, crusty, snappish, bearish, tart, ill-tempered, acrimonious.

irritated (adjective)


sullen (adjective)

scowling, dour, fretful, uncooperative, moody, morose, petulant, unfriendly, glowering, frowning, crabby, hostile, irascible, malevolent, sour, grouchy, beetle-browed, noncooperative, cynical, dark, Moping, cantankerous, melancholy, broody, mean, grim, gloomy, glum, long-faced, obstinate, contrary, unsociable, sullen, sulky, grumpy, surly, ungenial, dissociable, dejected.

very angry; in a bad mood (adjective)

petulant, surly, ratty, sullen, querulous, ill-tempered, choleric, splenetic, cantankerous, annoyed, peeved, peevish, fretful, testy, put out, churlish, quick-tempered, disagreeable, ill-humored, pettish, irritable, cranky, vexed, snappy, waspish, grumpy, crabby, impatient, fractious, crotchety, irascible, grouchy, touchy, crusty.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

crucifix, mix, cassock, biretta, Easter Egg, collection plate, altar, dog collar, collar.

Sense 5 (noun)

play, shoot, knock, dribble, kick, smash, hook.

Sense 6 (noun)

count out, arm-wrestling, box, bout, bare-knuckle, boxing, bantamweight, decussate, boxer.

Sense 7 (noun)

obliterate, asterisk, hash mark, cancel, hieroglyphics, checkmark, strike, dollar sign, annul, caret, arrow, undo, delete, vacate, erase.

Sense 9 (noun)

burden, bunny, trial, big, bang, tribulation, boo-boo, bow-wow, affliction, cold, birdie, choo-choo.

Sense 10 (noun)

push, bulldoze, squeeze, cut.

Sense 12 (noun)

cross-fertilization, cross-fertilize, clone, carrier, chromosome, cloning, carry.

Sense 13 (noun)

grade crossing, green light, filter, circus, crossroads, jaywalking, cone.

Sense 14 (noun)

falter, gleam, creep, crease, furrow, express, clear, flash, crumple.

cross (noun)

ill-natured, cover, crossing, grouchy, cut across, foil, crabbed, hybridizing, frustrate, get over, crisscross, scotch, hybridise, hybridisation, crossbreed, ill-tempered, interbreeding, mark, cut through, crabby, thwartwise, bad-tempered, span, hybridize, get across, traverse, crossbreeding, spoil, crown of thorns, baffle, fussy, track, thwart, bilk, grumpy, hybridization, transverse, transversal, sweep, crosswise, pass over, interbreed.

crossbred (noun)


gems (noun)


ill-tempered (noun)


betray, hinder (verb)

foil, stump, louse up, interfere, frustrate, oppose, foul up, stymie, flummox, impede, block, thwart, bollix, resist, deny, obstruct.

defy (verb)

contravene, resist, counteract, defy, affront, face, rebel, counter, dissent, countermand, challenge, dare, confront.

hybridize, mix (verb)

crossbreed, interbreed, cross-fertilize.

motion (verb)

get over, cut across, get across, track, traverse, cut through, cover, pass over.

oppose (verb)

conflict, protest, oppress, intercept, oppose, fight, rebuff, meddle, repress, suppress, inhibit, dispute, antagonize, counterattack, obstruct, repulse, check, disagree, hinder, interfere, impede, contradict, repel, object.

renounce (verb)

disavow, abnegate, abandon, backslide, renounce, defect, abdicate, retract, deny, desert, betray.

traverse an area (verb)

sail, span, pass over, cut across, navigate, transverse, ford.

Usage examples for cross:

  • Then it's not about the cross? - "The Missourian", Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle.
  • She took the broken cross, and the tears dropped from her eyes; she could not help it. - "East Lynne", Mrs. Henry Wood.
  • Oh, you are cross! - "The Motor Maid", Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson.

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