Antonyms for mettlesome:

fearful, spiritless, timid.

Synonyms for mettlesome:

Sense 1

noble, proud, stouthearted, valiant, Fortitudinous, doughty, gutsy, Gutty, unafraid.

Sense 2

dauntless, undaunted, gallant, heroic, valorous, audacious, vibrant, intrepid.

Sense 3

bold, high-spirited.

Sense 4


Sense 5




Other synonyms and related words:

doughty, granulose, blue, bouncy, granular, heroic, kinetic, coarse-grained, valorous, pizzazzy, halting, gamey, crippled, brave, high, gallant, bold, undaunted, Fortitudinous, spicy, Gutty, audacious, vibrant, spanking, high-spirited, gamy, puffy, plucky, gutsy, racy, feisty, naughty, game, enlivened, risque, fearless, bouncing, Sparky, animate, mealy, hardy, pert, lame, stouthearted, juicy, dauntless, peppery, courageous, valiant, springy, intrepid, grainy, farinaceous, unafraid, gritty.

brave (adjective)

fiery, spunky, peppery, plucky, valiant, ardent, gritty, spirited.

energetic (adjective)

forceful, vivacious, powerful, fervid, peppy, potent, vigorous, ardent, spunky, spirited, energetic, active, zippy, strong, mighty, effervescent, driven, zealous, snappy, puissant.

feisty (adjective)

zestful, Gutty.

gritty (adjective)


lively (adjective)

brisk, enthusiastic, vital, active, lively, alert, vigorous, animated.

racy (adjective)


strong (adjective)

muscular, sturdy, strong, formidable, stout, potent, tough, robust, mighty, energetic, husky, brawny, vigorous, stable, sinewy, vital, powerful, firm, virile.

vigorous (adjective)

eager, lively, zippy, spirited, strong, animated, exuberant, passionate, full-blooded, fervent, enthusiastic, burning, powerful, frisky, lusty, afire, vigorous, sprightly, energetic, ablaze, zealous, agitated, prolific, ardent, impassioned, excited, peppy, emphatic, active, puissant, hearty, industrious, earnest, virile, strenuous, zestful, fiery, potent.

Sense 2 (noun)

intrepid, dauntless, hardy, gutsy, valorous, audacious, Gutty, stouthearted, doughty, unafraid, undaunted, gallant, valiant, heroic, bold, Fortitudinous.

Sense 3 (noun)

peppery, vibrant, high-spirited.

gallant (noun)

dauntless, valiant.

mettlesome (noun)

fearless, game, gamey, gritty, spirited, brave, courageous, spunky, gamy.

Usage examples for mettlesome:

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