Pronunciation of Blue
/blˈuː/, /blˈuː/, /b_l_ˈuː/

Antonyms for blue:

happy, upbeat, satisfied, clean, joyful, southern, lowborn, indulgent, achromatic, unsexy, joyous, cheerful.

Synonyms for blue:



Sense 1

finalist, goalie, ballplayer, Nut-brown, vitriolic, right-winger, off-white, choice, foul-mouthed, peewee, yellowish, center forward, pink, beige, fullback, russet, livid, Straw-colored, copper, yellowy, peacock blue, amber, brown, rusty, mvp, fawn, color, mauve, halfback, puce, inky, navy blue, reddish, midfield, flesh-colored, lime-green, midfielder, crosstrainer, rookie, roseate, fielder, outfielder, goalkeeper, sandy, coppery, iron-gray, free agent, sweeper, sub, avocado, unrepeatable, Browny, electric blue, ecru, sportswoman, snowy, second-string, pinky, Bottle green, umber, coral, tenebrific, scarlet, ripe, snow-white, pinkish, hazel, backfield, crimson, brownish, milk-white, wine, milky, abusive, jet black, shocking pink, cinnamon, all-American, cerise, golden, dun, defenseman, vermilion, hitter, taupe, sportsman, semifinalist, red, maroon, tailback, greenish, whitish, purplish, caramel, lily-white, defensive, first-string, hacker, first base, Sea green, winger, jv, pale, royal blue, defender, saffron, goaltender, Day-Glo, pea green, charcoal, scorer, greeny, ice blue, enforcer, plum, magenta, orangey, butterfly, rose-colored, yellow, purple, dream team, junior varsity, white, tawny, ladder, league standings.

Sense 2

racer, team, lineup, striker, silvery, keeper, steely, off-color, ruddy, league, green, sepia, shooter, ivory, offense, raw, unmarked, amethyst, emerald, standing, substitute, provocative, squad, eggshell, chartreuse, boy, signing, conference, center, visitor, salty.

Sense 3

smoky, seed, gray, bleak, scabrous, wild card, defense, server, international, player, alabaster, field, junior.

Sense 4

professional, earthy, string.

Sense 5

club, reserve.

Sense 6

transfer, forward, wing.

Sense 8


Sense 9




in low spirits

heavy-hearted, dysphoric, tristful, unhappy, melancholic, spiritless, dull, desolate.

all (adjective)

blueish, bluish.

bawdy (adjective)

indecent, suggestive.

blue (adjective)

cyan, turquoise, baby blue, cornflower, aquamarine, lavender, peacock, midnight blue, azure, powder blue, navy, sapphire, cadet blue, ultramarine, marine blue, indigo, cobalt, robin's egg blue.

crestfallen (adjective)

cast down.

dejected (adjective)

melancholy, mournful, downhearted, dejected, contemplative, sad, wistful, lachrymose, dreary, depressed, pensive, plaintive, morose, heartbroken, grim, despondent, overcome, glum, dolorous, despairing, moody, joyless, discouraged, anguished, dispirited, gloomy, miserable, anxious, woeful, disheartened, disconsolate, sullen.

depressed (adjective)

heavy-hearted, low-down, tristful, spiritless, low-spirited, melancholic, dysphoric, despondent.

desolate (adjective)


dirty (adjective)

impure, scurvy.

disappointed (adjective)


earthy (adjective)


heartsick (adjective)


purplish blue (adjective)


racy (adjective)


sad (adjective)

low, dispirited, downhearted, moody, glum, unhappy, depressed, despondent, gloomy, woebegone, dismal, disconsolate, downcast, dejected, melancholy.

sky, sea color (adjective)

turquoise, indigo, ultramarine, teal, navy, sapphire, cobalt, azure.

sullen (adjective)


vulgar (adjective)

lewd, off-color, dirty, indecent, naughty, spicy, smutty, salty, racy, suggestive, obscene, bawdy.

weary (adjective)

flaccid, feeble, toilsome, footsore, sleepy, debilitated, tired, over-weary, uphill, run down, wasted, trying, Wayworn, droopy, fatigued, cheerless, limp, apathetic, drowsy, exhausted, Frazzled, bored, depressed, worn-out, listless, weary, faint, weak.

Sense 1 (noun)

foul-mouthed, obscene, vitriolic, ripe, abusive.

Sense 3 (noun)

ballplayer, back, center forward, club, boy, all-American, conference, center, backfield.

attribute (noun)


colors (noun)

claret, periwinkle, violet, ruby, peach, coffee, mahogany, khaki, gunmetal, primrose, gold, mustard, orange, sienna, biscuit, verdure, apricot, tan, redness, lilac, fuchsia, burgundy, mulberry, magnolia, olive, aqua, cream, rose, cherry, chocolate, terra cotta, chestnut, ebony, bronze, jade, ocher, rust, oatmeal, silver, lime, lemon, teal, buff.

Usage examples for blue:

  • To the west nothing but the blue water. - "The Boy Slaves", Mayne Reid.
  • She's fair black an' blue! - "The Diamond Pin", Carolyn Wells.
  • Bother the woman and her dark blue eyes. - "The Passenger from Calais", Arthur Griffiths.

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