Pronunciation of Property
/pɹˈɒpəti/, /pɹˈɒpəti/, /p_ɹ_ˈɒ_p_ə_t_i/

Synonyms for property:

Sense 2 (noun)

appurtenance, plot, things, fixed asset, tract, premises, homestead, acreage, valuables, lot, grounds.

Sense 3 (noun)

personal effects, movable, lares and penates, effect, personal property, belonging, stuff, thing.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

savor, character.

acquisition (noun)

purchase, possession.

acre (noun)

bit, manor, grounds.

acreage (noun)

holding, real estate, parcel.

air (noun)

feel, feeling, mannerism, mood, tone, atmosphere, flavor, ambience, aura, effect.

atmosphere (noun)

place, space, air, environment, scene.

attribute (noun)

indication, point, aspect, particularity, note, characteristic, quirk, facet, sign.

belongings (noun)

personal property, stuff, gear, things.

capital (noun)

gold, principal, cash, nest egg, money, fortune, savings, funds, stock.

characteristic, feature (noun)

idiosyncrasy, mark, quality, trait, virtue, attribute, peculiarity, affection, character, hallmark.

circumstances (noun)

dowry, worldly goods, income.

house (noun)


land (noun)


lands (noun)


piece of land (noun)


possession (noun)

effects, land, realm, worth, territory, possession, holding, acquisition, wealth, kingdom, empire.

possessions (noun)

worldly goods, things.

property (noun)

ground, inheritance, manor, prop, realty, domain, principal, farm, holding, real estate, material possession, stock, belongings, place, goods, fixtures, chattel, dimension, legacy, Resources, title, ranch, attribute, assets.

real estate (noun)

real property, surveyor, estate agent, landed, realtor.

situation (noun)

layout, scene, formation, post, standing, placement, configuration, situation, site, spot, mode, status, style, arrangement, ambience, position, environment, station, circumstance, aspect, location, disposition, quality, modality, condition, state.

specialty (noun)

idiosyncrasy, flavor, peculiarity, specialization, forte, way, hallmark, Discriminant, definiteness, characteristic, quirk, mark, feature, mannerism, specialty, trait, particularity, figure, difference, individuality, cachet, keynote, stamp.

wealth (noun)

capital, profit, estate, means, income, asset, plenteousness, landslide, riches, fortune, sufficiency, affluence, prosperity, net worth, prosperousness, opulence, plenty, possessions.

Sense 1

appurtenance, circumstances, personal property, intellectual assets, extent, vibe, crown jewels, facet, lot, equity, trappings, credentials, status symbol, class, personality, odor, strand, quintessence, rhythm, capital asset, booty, bias, liquid assets, subtlety, complexity, valuables, lares and penates, component, ingredient, goods and chattels, intangible asset, complexion, overtone, richness, personal effects, aura, fixed asset, belonging.

Sense 2

purchase, texture, beast, virtue, shape, vibration, subsistence, substratum, bit, store, lost property, feel, fabric, ring, facility.

Sense 3

feeling, movable, atmosphere, mood, gear, face, stuff, factor, tone.

Sense 4

landscape, form, depth, variable, value, savor.

Sense 5

detail, extreme, effect.

Sense 6

interest, soul, respect.

Sense 7

thing, side.

Sense 8


Sense 9








real estate

surveyor, premises, grounds, realtor, real property, estate agent, landed.


nest egg.

means (verb)


Usage examples for property:

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