Antonyms for particularity:


Synonyms for particularity:

Sense 1

discreteness, separateness, detail.

Sense 3


Other synonyms and related words:

criterion, note, nicety, touch, character, differentia, point, affection, discreteness, attribute, fingerprint, distinctiveness, marker, fact, separateness, singularity, speciality, attribution, specialness, detail, datum.

Sense 1 (noun)

fact, separateness, singularity, discreteness.

attribute (noun)

speciality, specialness, property.

distinctiveness (noun)

discreteness, specialness.

fastidiousness (noun)

criticalness, literalism, preciseness, conscientiousness, exactingness, priggishness, daintiness, fastidiousness, meticulousness, prudishness, properness, diligence, correctness, severity, carefulness, flawlessness, discrimination, accuracy, fussiness, persnicketiness, delicacy, rigorousness.

individuality (noun)

discreteness, peculiarity, separateness, difference, way, singularity, idiosyncrasy, distinctiveness, character.

precision (noun)

definiteness, preciseness.

specialty (noun)

figure, forte, property, quirk, idiosyncrasy, characteristic, difference, mannerism, cachet, keynote, hallmark, specialization, quality, feature, stamp, flavor, Discriminant, individuality, trait, way, definiteness, mark, specialty, peculiarity.

vigilance (noun)

thoughtfulness, watchfulness, strictness, prudence, thoroughness, alertness, surveillance, attentiveness, vigilance, heedfulness, regardfulness, mindfulness, care, scrupulousness, cautiousness.

Usage examples for particularity:

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