Synonyms for livid:

Sense 1

ashy, gray, black.

Sense 2

pasty, waxen, pallid, sallow.

Sense 3

cadaverous, wan, lurid.



Other synonyms and related words:

infuriate, white-hot, Paled, mad, clean, enraged, exsanguinous, etiolated, rabid, cadaverous, white, whitened, ballistic, wrathful, angered, waxen, shirty, foaming, steamed up, lurid, incensed, light, ashy, exsanguine, Rankled, angry, furious, colourless, lily-white, sore, blanched, pasty, doughy, Horn-mad, outraged, irate, cheesed off, infuriated, pallid, teed off, black, bloodless, steaming, indignant, snowy, wan, inflamed, mealy, colorless, pale, roiled, wroth, gray, ireful, Hopping, ashen, apoplectic, etiolate, sallow, injured, riled, black-and-blue, Fuming, choleric, riley, blank, hot, Ticked.

angry (adjective)

indignant, mad, black, irate.

bruised (adjective)

purple, black-and-blue.

colorless (adjective)


extremely angry (adjective)

enraged, outraged, incensed, hot, black, indignant, mad, Fuming, infuriated, furious.

pale, ashen (adjective)

blanched, bloodless, ashy, wan, lurid, colorless, pasty, pallid, waxen.

purple (adjective)

lavender, mulberry, grape, purple, mauve, lilac, damson, orchid, magenta, pansy, amethystine, solferino, violet, burgundy, raisin, hyacinth, heliotrope, plum.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

cadaverous, pasty, pallid, lurid, waxen, sallow, ashy, wan.

discolored (noun)

pale, gray.

livid (noun)

ashen, light, bloodless, blanched, angry, colorless, injured, white, colourless, black-and-blue.

Usage examples for livid:

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