Pronunciation of Murky
/mˈɜːki/, /mˈɜːki/, /m_ˈɜː_k_i/

Synonyms for murky:

Sense 1

roiled, caliginous, smoggy, stormy.

Sense 2

drab, bleak, dull, roily.

Sense 8


black (adjective)

stygian, swart, pitch-dark.

dark (adjective)

dismal, caliginous, dreary, darkened, shady, somber, cimmerian, swarthy, shaded, dusk, lightless, inky, dark, shadowy, sooty, dim, umbrageous, silhouetted, obscure, gloomy, black, unlit, cloudy, dusky, rayless.

darkish (adjective)


dim (adjective)

hazy, faint, foggy, vague, bleary, half-lit, cloudy, shadowy, dim, filmy, indistinct.

dirty (adjective)

slovenly, sooty.

gloomy, obscure (adjective)

unclean, turbid, dusky, tenebrous, dark, stormy, sad, gray, dusk, grubby, dull, muddy, darkened, caliginous, black, dirty, dreary, squalid, foggy, mucky, foul, nebulous, somber, misty, roily, filthy, drab, impenetrable, cloudy, fuzzy, dingy, cheerless, dismal, dim.

opaque (adjective)

hazy, opaque, dark, obscure, unclear, cloudy, muddied, vague, impenetrable.

out of focus (adjective)


semitransparent (adjective)

limpid, bleary, semi-opalescent, diaphanous, cloudy, filmy, unclear, milky, foggy, fuzzy, semi-opaque, veiled, gauzy, hazy, misty, semitransparent.

unclean (adjective)

fetid, obscene, impure, foul, untidy, filthy, grungy, sloppy, dusty, offensive, icky, smutty, putrid, slovenly, sordid, disgusting, unsanitary, unclean, dingy, scatological, defiled, squalid, shabby, muddy, unhygenic, toxic, dirty, septic, grimy, festering, insalubrious, grubby, mucky, odious, scruffy, infectious, crummy.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

flat, drab, dull.

Sense 6 (noun)

roiled, roily.

darkness (noun)

darkness, shade, pitch-dark, shadow, gloom, blackness, pitch black.

gloomy (noun)

cheerless, sad.

murky (noun)

muddy, opaque, shaded, mirky, turbid, cloudy.

Usage examples for murky:

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