Antonyms for nebulous:

definite, distinct, clear, nonambiguous, plain, obvious, apparent.

Synonyms for nebulous:

Sense 1

indefinable, indescribable, hazy, unclear, inexplicit, inexplicable, dark.

Sense 2

equivocal, shapeless, ambiguous, vague.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 8


Other synonyms and related words:

bleary, fuzzy, cryptic, foggy, faint, pale, murky, cloudlike, shapeless, ambiguous, mystic, inscrutable, undefined, hazy, unclear, nameless, indistinguishable, elliptical, opaque, muddy, dark, dim, misty, deep, equivocal, arcane, indefinable, cloudy, shadowy, blurry, delphic, uncertain, enigmatic, nebular, turbid, obscure, inexplicit, mysterious, undetermined, vague.

confused, obscure (adjective)

hazy, uncertain, ambiguous, vague, unclear, misty, shadowy, shapeless, dim, indistinct, indefinite, dark, murky, cloudy.

Sense 1 (noun)

indescribable, nameless, indefinable, inexplicable, shapeless.

indistinct (noun)

dim, obscure, dark, hazy, vague.

nebulous (noun)

indefinite, nebulose, cloudy, indistinct, unfixed.

Usage examples for nebulous:

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