Pronunciation of Kick
/kˈɪk/, /kˈɪk/, /k_ˈɪ_k/

Synonyms for kick:

Sense 1

grouse, choreography, retake, bug, schadenfreude, chuck in, spice, cut out, kicker, buckle, dry out, choreographic, expectancy, nibble, swear off, protestation, forswear, fever pitch, blow, scissor, joie de vivre, cut down, knock around, Remonstration, backhand, flex, give in, luster, anticipation, relish, wonder, reach out, mishit, grow out of, clench, splay, sky, morale, gold rush, spring fever, choreographer, abjure.

Sense 2

flail, imagination, fever, bellyache, expostulate, punt, hurt, excitement, grievance, chip, coordination, remonstrance, lob, expostulation, taste, satisfaction, footwork, glow, enthusiasm, romance, choreograph, follow through, remonstrate, triumph, adventure, objection, slice, amusement, shoot, inveigh, dribble, demur.

Sense 3

enchantment, flutter, enjoyment, whine, volley, except, protest, ecstasy, drill.

Sense 4

appreciation, gimmick, wrinkle, buzz, spike, exception.

Sense 5

brace, field, cross, punch, dance, hook, reach, trip, challenge, coordinate.

Sense 6

angle, return, time, flap, square, head.

Sense 7

bend, serve, stretch, extend, step, play.

Sense 9

extension, drive.

Sense 10

wave, put up, touch.

Sense 11


Sense 14

spread, point.

Sense 15

put out.

Sense 16


Sense 19


Sense 22


Sense 24


Sense 29



sound off, remonstrate.


wince, resile.


swear off.





Other synonyms and related words:

release, splay, swear off, collision, sky, rosiness, bounce, shrink, billing, spike, bloom, tutelage, heraldic bearing, wince, commission, except, gush, zest, drive, exception, kick out, deliver, lob, chip, give up, tingle, coordination, care, spring, efflorescence, choreographic, repine, demur, inveigh, belt, Remonstration, take a hop, croak, backhand, whine, excitement, bearing, quiver, relish, remonstrate, high, satisfaction, pass, footwork, wallop, cross, objection, abandon, demurral, Jollies, quit, hurt, scissor, enjoyment, strike up, stretch, shudder, cringe, electric charge, shiver, spate, kicker, treat, expostulation, rebound, blossom, anticipation, funk, peak, jar, bump, flower, smasher, burster, kick in, explosive charge, clap, exhilaration, gimmick, choreography, prime, opine, put out, touch, complaint, resile, resign, bang, bound, discontinue, titillation, boeuf, hurry, buckle, return, cede, iron boot, triumph, wonder, jolt, bellyache, bash, romance, haste, lay off, yawp, knock, imagination, outpouring, expostulate, demurrer, amusement, punt, call, protestation, extension, shoot, flail, repercussion, smash, blush, backlash, cathexis, manna, slam, wrinkle, enthusiasm, abjure, buzz, surge, fuss, fever, coordinate, animadvert, frisson, grievance, nibble, guardianship, eruption, angle, remonstrance, open, iron heel, blast, forego, spice, speak up, dropkick, mission, stop, concussion, beef cattle, glow, feast, question, backfire, kick off, spread, flinch, appreciation, blow, ricochet, bursting charge, accusation, direction, hot flash, chill, flap, taste, difficulty, break, pleasure, heyday, grouse, HIT, protest, stink, armorial bearing, growl, joy, punch, forgo, retake, wave, gas, relinquish, upsurge, brace, challenge, strike, joie de vivre.

Sense 1 (noun)

jar, jolt, blow.

Sense 3 (noun)

amusement, enthusiasm, ecstasy, joie de vivre, enjoyment, excitement, satisfaction, wonder, anticipation, delight.

Sense 4 (noun)

dribble, pass, hook, cross, shoot, wallop, punch, play.

Sense 5 (noun)

chip, grouse, whine, backhand, bellyache.

Sense 7 (noun)

bend, reach out, extend, stretch, open, spread, wave, cut out, break, close.

Sense 8 (noun)

kick out.

Sense 9 (noun)

choreograph, choreographic, choreographer, call, footwork, step, dance, choreography.

act (noun)

kicking, boot.

kick (noun)

complain, gripe, sound off, flush, bang, beef, boot, kick back, quetch, kicking, kvetch, plain, thrill, recoil, rush, charge, squawk.

power, strength (noun)

jar, blow, backlash, jolt, punch, boot, zest.

thrill, enjoyment (noun)

bang, joy, wallop, buzz, pleasure, excitement.

wallop (noun)


complain (verb)

fuss, protest, gripe, whine, repine, inveigh, remonstrate, expostulate, except.

consumption (verb)

give up.

hit with foot (verb)

punt, dropkick.

quit a habit (verb)

give up, stop, abandon.

Usage examples for kick:

  • He wouldn't have to kick you or knock you down or anything, would he? - "The Turner Twins", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  • I ask no more, and my servants shall kick him out. - "A Terrible Secret", May Agnes Fleming.
  • Kick up the other fellow. - "Harley Greenoak's Charge", Bertram Mitford.

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