Synonyms for beacon:

Sense 1

lookout, candelabra, burglar alarm, smoke signal, car alarm, gaslight, Japanese lantern, observatory, panic button, chandelier, fire alarm, smoke detector, smoke alarm, gong, candlestick, the all clear, buzzer, klaxon.

Sense 2

alarm bell, will-o'-the-wisp, Chinese Lantern.

Sense 3


Sense 4


Other synonyms and related words:

illuminant, lookout, Emblaze, candelabra, illume, fire alarm, observatory, tone, irradiate, beacon fire, beam, gaslight, illumine, beacon light, buzzer, illuminate, smoke signal, burglar alarm, alarm bell, pharos, candlestick, radio beacon.

Sense 2 (noun)

the all clear, buzzer, burglar alarm, alarm bell, car alarm, fire alarm.

alarm (noun)

buoy, warning, flare, horn, whistle, alarm, call, bell, alert, siren, semaphore, signal, foghorn, notice, caution.

artifact (noun)

radio beacon.

beacon (noun)

lighthouse, radio beacon, pharos, beacon fire, beacon light.

communication (noun)

beacon fire.

flare (noun)


indication (noun)

legend, motion, brand, wink, sign, label, lighthouse, designation, logotype, key, figuration, guidepost, token, notation, stamp, hint, symbol, logo, emblem, flag, indication, tag, wave, badge, denotation, pointer, cue, marker, crest, banner, ticket, prompt, insignia, signpost, icon, gesture, gesticulation.

light (noun)

lighthouse, torch, sun.

light source (noun)

light, moon, mercury-vapor lamp, torch, searchlight, spotlight, moonbeam, sun, taper, star, oil lamp, desk light, lamp, incandescent light, neon light, flame, pilot light, light bulb, headlight, klieg light, flashlight, Illuminator, jack-o'-lantern, street lamp, table lamp, arc lamp, floor lamp, Tungsten lamp, fire, lantern, floodlight, fluorescent light, candle.

light used as signal, guide (noun)

lamp, smoke signal, lantern, alert, alarm, beam, pharos, sign, guidepost, lighthouse, flare.

ray of light (noun)


Usage examples for beacon:

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