Antonyms for reproof:

applause, approbation, approval, praise, encomium, acclamation, eulogy, plaudit, tribute, citation, panegyric.

Synonyms for reproof:

Sense 1

admonishment, scolding.

Sense 2

kick, objection.





Other synonyms and related words:

confab, criminate, call on the carpet, evoke, chitchat, rile, taunt, chafe, irritate, blame, rally, stricture, COD, chaffer, shell, talk, ride, gravel, get at, manducate, stir, claver, beat out, chew, tantalize, scolding, confabulate, objection, excoriation, crush, bother, gossip, animadversion, admonition, admonishment, conjure, slash, torment, dun, vex, nark, crucify, denunciation, strap, underdress, raise, lather, grouch, lash, commination, reproach, flog, yap away, visit, twit, point out, chat, upbraiding, censure, razz, arouse, cane, objurgation, rattle on, condemnation, criticism, yack away, get to, vanquish, call down, welt, natter, frustrate, bait, masticate, reflection, tease, nettle, grumble, annoy, whip, tantalise, yack, disapproval, beat, chiding, invoke, bedevil, punishment, chatter.

Sense 2 (noun)


an oral or written statement intended to censure (noun)

reprimand, rebuke, reproach, admonition, chiding.

blame (noun)

objurgation, reprehension.

censure (noun)

criticism, blame, objection, disapproval.

condemnation (noun)

blame, disapproval.

criticism (noun)

call down.

reproof (noun)

dress down, chide, rag, jaw, lecture, have words, lambast, rebuke, lambaste, chew out, bawl out, chew up, reprehension, trounce, scold, reprimand, berate, remonstrate, reproval.

Usage examples for reproof:

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