Pronunciation of Fuss
/fˈʌs/, /fˈʌs/, /f_ˈʌ_s/

Synonyms for fuss:

Sense 1

complain, grumble, fight.

Sense 2

scene, racket.

Sense 3










Other synonyms and related words:

bustle, inveigh, rankle, hassle, protest, confidence trick, confidence game, excitement, whimper, putter, plaint, croak, stew, whine, demurrer, hurry, commotion, undo, pother, Whinge, hubbub, gall, con game, gag, hustle, fight, bickering, growl, twitter, Bobbery, quibble, unsettle, moil, trouble, engender, pettifog, discompose, maunder, dispute, yawp, nitpick, welter, fret, foofaraw, to-do, challenge, swelter, whirl, squall, moan, tizzy, flaps, brabble, bicker, unhinge, coil, father, bleat, fray, gaiter, ballyhoo, stir, clutter, question, annoyance, generate, pandemonium, bluster, spat, splash, furor, erode, furore, flimflam, holler, huff, dogfight, snow flurry, blather, racket, exception, kerfuffle, hubble-bubble, bootlick, cavil, pain, chafe, sting, storm, bother, turmoil, scuffle, complain, Miserere, hoopla, grumble, complaint, clatter, grouse, swivet, yammer, grouch, rough-and-tumble, ado, scene, sire, grievance, flapping, get, kick, tumult, demur, hurricane, sweat, eat away, grate, hoo-ha, squabble, scratch, hullabaloo, murmur, tiff, stink, flurry, repine, shindy, eat into, lather, bring forth, expostulation, Corroboree, DO, hagride, flutter, Bunco Game, mother, lament, bunko game, splore, beget, fluttering, remonstrance, fluster, hurry-scurry, worry, bunco, tussle, objection, discomfort, overprotect, Williwaw, wail, dither, zoo, choke, gyp, truckle, Pettifoggery, flap, agitate, squawk, carp, botheration, infliction, disturb, disturbance, Hurly, problem, apple-polish, difficulty, perturb, beef, demurral, bunko, niggle, fuss at, gripe, rub.

agitation (noun)


bustle (noun)

excitement, complaint.

disturbance, trouble (noun)

bustle, ado, flutter, dispute, bother, scene, fret, flap, bickering, complaint, hassle, objection, fight, turmoil, stir, excitement, stink, squabble, furor, flurry, worry, to-do, stew, commotion, difficulty, storm.

excitement (noun)


fuss (noun)

bickering, niggle, bother, flurry, flap, pother, hustle, bustle, fret, hassle, dither, spat, tizzy, stir, mother, overprotect, ado, tiff, trouble, bicker, squabble.

ostentation (noun)

dash, pageantry, rakishness, swaggar, formality, splendor, showiness, showmanship, bravado, flamboyance, snazziness, grandiosity, flourish, garishness, gaudiness, ornateness, blatancy, parade, flashiness, shamelessness, pomp and circumstance, exhibitionism, sensationalism, Bravura, vanity, opulence, jauntiness, Flagrancy, histrionics, splashiness, dramatics, ostentation, boastfulness, affectedness, pomposity, pomp, grandiloquence.

pother (noun)


Usage examples for fuss:

  • Almost always there is a fuss when women get up a fair. - "An Alabaster Box", Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Florence Morse Kingsley.
  • " And you know the best of the fun is, they are making no end of a fuss in the school. - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.
  • Besides, I've hardly been in the room; they make such a fuss, and won't allow me. - "When Ghost Meets Ghost", William Frend De Morgan.

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