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Sense 1

police officer, commodore, air traffic controller, captaincy, Maj, buccaneer, force down, cap'n, second-in-command, fed, adjutant, test pilot, midshipman, bobby, admiral, SGT, LIEUT, bosun, glide, aircrew, sky marshal, rear admiral, submariner, ensign, baggage handler, lance corporal, col, ground crew, flight-test, second lieutenant, Major general, longshoreman, noncommissioned officer, four-star general, ground staff, ditch, purser, colonel, flight crew, sergeant, shipmate, draft in, dog handler, taxi, sea dog, petty officer, narc, fleet admiral, yaw, NCO, flight engineer, INSP, yachtsman, P.O., stevedore, transfer fee, policewoman, major, CDR, MAJ-GEN, lift off, brigadier, mountie, policeman, frogman, aide-de-camp, flight attendant, skycap, cabin crew, warrant officer, yachtswoman, vice admiral, touch down, first lieutenant, chief of police, hostess, inspector, LT, constable, docker, brigadier general, old salt, gen, gendarme, rule out of, law enforcement agent, guide, chief of staff, cadet, stewardess, overfly, high command, state trooper, five-star general.

Sense 2

cop, commission, professionalism, corp, patrolman, detective, stack up, super, eject, talk down, scramble, co, airlift, air traffic control, lieutenant, trooper, bank, steward.

Sense 3

commissioner, sheriff, pc, ranger, take off, pig, chair, stack, come down, fly.

Sense 4

copper, deputy, lead, land, call up.

Sense 5

marshal, trim, promote, retire, put down, recall, buzz, wild card, engineer, match.

Sense 6

company, ground, sub, lift, climb.

Sense 7

drop, regular, command, substitute.

Sense 8

guard, hand, bench, seed.

Sense 9

down, trade, draft.

Sense 11

draw, play.

Sense 12

get on, scratch.

Sense 14


maitre d'hotel

Maitre D'hotel.

Sense 1 (noun)

brigadier, colonel, chief of staff, col, CDR, co, adjutant, guide, aide-de-camp, brigadier general.

Sense 2 (noun)

P.O., petty officer, admiral, fleet admiral, midshipman, ensign, commodore.

Sense 3 (noun)

buzz, ditch, bank, down, climb, lead, come down, command, eject, airlift, drop.

Sense 4 (noun)

call up, captaincy, draft in, draft, bench.

Sense 6 (noun)

commissioner, cop, copper, deputy, chief of police, cadet, constable, bobby.

aeronaut (noun)

astronaut, balloonist, flier, spaceman, pilot, alien, passenger, airman, rocketeer, copilot, aviator, martian, cosmonaut, astro-navigator, aeronaut.

captain (noun)

Maitre D'hotel, master, police captain, chieftain, senior pilot, head waiter, police chief, skipper, sea captain.

chief of vehicle, effort (noun)

executive, leader, authority, officer, boss, commander, chieftain, skipper, pilot, master, head, guide, director.

chieftain (noun)

headman, tribal chief.

director (noun)

overseer, ringleader, administrator, magistrate, mayor, ringmaster, general, king, band master, overlord, conductor, boss, queen, superintendent, warden, supervisor, baron, foreman, taskmaster.

master (noun)

governor, lord, kingpin, abbot, commandant, president, star, titleholder, mahatma, headmaster, executive, quartermaster, manager, headmistress, senior, guru, proprietress, maestro, officer, mandarin, dean, landlady, head, director, principal, master, landlord, proprietor, ruler, squire, authority, sire, mother, commander, leader, chief.

person (noun)


sailor (noun)

gondolier, helmsman, sailor, boatswain, yeoman, barge-man, steersman, mate, boatman, navigator, seaman, mariner, boater, ship man, salt, ferryman, tar.

skipper (noun)

sea captain.

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