Pronunciation of Brass
/bɹˈas/, /bɹˈas/, /b_ɹ_ˈa_s/

Synonyms for brass:

light (adjective)


Sense 1

lettuce, Impudency, stringed instrument, sterling, chromium, fool's gold, cabbage, manganese, gelt, wind instrument, license, aluminum, gunmetal, uppishness, nickel, pyrites, cobalt, superconductor, overconfidence, pushiness, quicksilver, tungsten, brazenness, cheekiness, magnet, mazuma, sassiness, uppityness, percussion, long green, bauxite, strontium, tinplate, sauciness, nerviness, chutzpah, barium, incivility, musical instrument, rhythm section, presumptuousness, consort, moola, lodestone, potassium, woodwind.

Sense 2

currency, lucre, instrument, effrontery, silver, personage, dough, lithium, forwardness, brashness, discourtesy, wampum, audaciousness, Cast iron, copper, brazen, platinum, alto, gold.

Sense 3

disrespect, crust, pertness, cash, sauce, gall.

Sense 4

tenor, Familiarity, money.

Sense 5

green, string.

Sense 6

bread, jack, assumption.

Sense 12



administration (of an estate).

Other synonyms and related words:

establishment, disposal, hardiness, assumption, quicksilver, case, strikingness, percussion, plaque, copper, incivility, jack, alto, boldness, nerviness, facial expression, institution, pushiness, Familiarity, insolence, gelt, brazen, aluminum, typeface, hardihood, audacity, mettle, lodestone, grimace, discourtesy, green, constitution, organisation, cabbage, brashness, brass section, effrontery, silver, governance, wind instrument, human face, pertness, platinum, gunmetal, disrespect, impudence, brazenness, uppityness, cheek, woodwind, sassiness, impertinence, tungsten, validation, formation, sauciness, audaciousness, aspect, overconfidence, mazuma, lettuce, nerve, lamp, personage, currency, forwardness, bread, government activity, instrument, dough, long green, lucre, presidential term, wampum, shamelessness, memorial tablet, Impudency, nickel, judicature, giving medication, presidency, cheekiness, gold, face, lead, temerity, rudeness, bauxite, buttock, money, organization, sauce, daring, barium, font, look, heart, governing body, uppishness, chutzpah, cash, cobalt, spunk, consort, tenor, chromium, gall, expression, presumption, moola, nervus, fount, arrangement, presumptuousness, crust, governing, government, system, ecesis, Brassiness, side.

Sense 2 (noun)

stringed instrument, consort, instrument, musical instrument, tenor, rhythm section, alto, percussion.

Sense 3 (noun)

audaciousness, sauciness, chutzpah, overconfidence, cheekiness, chromium, assumption, presumptuousness, discourtesy, rudeness, sauce, uppishness, bauxite, Cast iron, Familiarity, brazenness, gall, Impudency, barium, forwardness, sassiness, uppityness, crust, disrespect, pertness, brashness, nerviness, incivility, aluminum, pushiness.

Sense 4 (noun)

dough, money, gelt, long green, lucre, wampum, lettuce, moola, cash, bread, jack, cabbage, mazuma, currency, green.

alloy (noun)

bronze, permalloy, pewter, carbon steel, chrome, sterling silver, pig iron, steel, wrought iron, alloy, white metal, stainless steel.

brass (noun)

cheek, governance, governing body, establishment, face, organization, memorial tablet, organisation, administration (of an estate), boldness, plaque, nerve.

discourtesy (noun)


gall (noun)


impudence (noun)


impulsiveness; nerve (noun)

audacity, chutzpah, effrontery, brashness, cheek, insolence, gall, impudence, rudeness, assumption, presumption, impertinence.

jewelry (noun)


uppishness (noun)


uppityness (noun)


Usage examples for brass:

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