Antonyms for origination:

death, end.

Synonyms for origination:

Sense 1

incipience, leadoff, incipiency.

Sense 2

commencement, start up, kickoff.

Sense 3

constitution, view, inauguration.

Sense 4

opening, organization.


authorship, origin.

Other synonyms and related words:

cornerstone, commencement, mental hospital, intromission, foundation, foundation garment, asylum, line of descent, fundament, leadoff, incipience, entry, excogitation, grounding, insertion, installation, design, inception, founding, mental home, substructure, macrocosm, universe, cosmos, beginning, parentage, blood, origin, opening, creative activity, induction, inauguration, stemma, world, line, bloodline, innovation, launching, extraction, groundwork, mental institution, pedigree, organization, existence, trigger, incipiency, blood line, instauration, insane asylum, view, psychiatric hospital, authorship, lineage, constitution, presentation, knowledgeableness, descent, understructure, stock, intro, rootage, foot, kickoff, ancestry, base, unveiling, debut, initiation, institution, introduction, knowledgeability.

Sense 1 (noun)

incipience, incipiency, inauguration, kickoff, leadoff, opening, commencement.

Sense 2 (noun)

constitution, start up, organization.

beginning (noun)

incipiency, leadoff, initiation, incipience.

cause (noun)

effectuation, determinant, source, inspiration, basis, motivator, root, execution, provocation, compunction, motive, grounds, force, cause, compulsion, evocation, drive, enforcement, elicitation, factor, generation, mainspring, action, stimulus.

creation (noun)

development, conception, production, invention, construction, creation, fabrication, establishment, formation, formulation.

origin (noun)

conception, creation, commencement, innovation, source, introduction, beginning.

origination (noun)

foundation, origin, creation, initiation, innovation, institution, instauration, inception, founding.

start-up (noun)

start up.

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