Pronunciation of Average
/ˈavɹɪd͡ʒ/, /ˈavɹɪd‍ʒ/, /ˈa_v__ɹ_ɪ_dʒ/

Synonyms for average:

Sense 1

domain, formula, advanced, calculation, mathematics, makeshift, unexceptional, divisible, term, classically, expansion, locus, tally, Overrated, numeracy, guesstimate, division, bearable, polynomial, arithmetic mean, equation, innumerate, unsatisfactory, numerical, maths, abacus, score, binomial, unremarkable, formulaic, sum, per capita, garden-variety, log, math, long division, calculable, mathematician, logarithm, statistical, algorithm, multiplication table, projection, livable, annualized, times table, unspectacular, the law of averages, nth, qualitative, proposition, substandard, quadratic equation, exponent, countdown, innumeracy, unimpressive, index, exacting, head count, unusable, probability, approximation, exponential, numerate, solution, variable, reckoning, goodish, computational, mathematical, suboptimal, unsatisfying, figure, double digit, cut-and-dried, decimal, disappointing, classical, middle-sized, theorem, expression, fallible, hexadecimal, wanting, mental arithmetic, deviation, decimal place.

Sense 2

garden, feeble, undistinguished, binary, equate, table, indivisible, low, unnumbered, imperfect, par, matrix, questionable.

Sense 3

below, all-right, tidy, acceptable, adequate, sufficient, high, iffy, unfit, decent, passable, inferior, satisfactory.

Sense 4

crack-up, by, respectable, round, run.

Sense 5

above, poor.

Sense 6

jar, positive.

Sense 8

even, negative.






indifferent, plain.



Other synonyms and related words:

countdown, equate, beggarly, classically, garden-variety, nth, index, decimal, bonnie, goodish, garden, disappointing, modal, typical, bearable, base, formula, above, arithmetic mean, questionable, sufficient, passable, fallible, exacting, maths, hateful, score, true, qualitative, average out, negative, mingy, tolerable, second-rate, unimpressive, indivisible, division, classical, comely, adequate, sum, suboptimal, calculable, reasonable, miserly, meanspirited, unfit, reckoning, unexceptional, numerate, domain, fair, unnumbered, unremarkable, exponential, numerical, tidy, poor, unspectacular, norm, respectable, jar, indifferent, run, formulaic, annualized, unsatisfactory, clean, substandard, tight, advanced, bonny, decent, locus, bastardly, just, binary, honest, innumerate, fairish, archetypal, abacus, wanting, satisfactory, crack-up, acceptable, feeble, low, undistinguished, middle-sized, binomial, sightly, proposition, cut-and-dried, plain, solution, standard-issue, workaday, par, mathematician, figure, approximation, inferior, even, computational, midsize, prosaic.

acceptable (adjective)


all (adjective)

mean, ordinary.

average (adjective)

medium, median, halfway, commonplace, middling, everyday, customary, midmost, stereotype, common, moderate, middle-of-the-road, mediocre, stock, usual, conventional, mid, ordinary, normal, mean, dominant, run-of-the-mill, standard, predominant, mezzo.

central (adjective)


mediocre (adjective)

suburban, so-so, standard, banal, modest, routine, mean, mediocre, usual, common, normal, mundane, ordinary.

middle (adjective)

core, halfway, central, geocentric, centralized, mezzo, mid, Bisecting, medium, mean, middle-of-the-road, equidistant, half-and-half, mediocre, middling, axial, midmost, middle, nuclear, intermediate, medial, median, half, pivotal.

normal, typical (adjective)

garden, Familiar, regular, common, mediocre, middling, commonplace, tolerable, usual, customary, passable, undistinguished, general, ordinary, unexceptional, fair, standard, medium, intermediate, so-so, garden-variety, moderate, everyday.

numerical mean (adjective)

median, middle.

regular (adjective)

customary, continual, frequent, Familiar, orthodox, cyclical, mundane, canonical, prevailing, habitual, periodic, usual, steady, normal, monotonous, accustomed, epochal, routine, recurrent, ordinary, rhythmic, stock, chronic, commonplace, general, everyday, Predominating, regular, common, standard, constant, conventional, metronomic, universal, traditional.

unexceptional (adjective)

unexceptional, unimpressive.

Sense 1 (noun)

abacus, countdown, deviation, algorithm, decimal place, approximation, computational, binomial, calculation.

Sense 2 (noun)

classical, advanced, above, low, exacting, equate, classically, high.

Sense 3 (noun)

satisfactory, tidy, adequate, goodish, respectable, decent, sufficient, all-right, passable, tolerable, acceptable.

Sense 4 (noun)

decimal, divisible, binary, hexadecimal, typical, double digit, even, calculable, annualized, indivisible.

Sense 5 (noun)

formulaic, garden-variety, the law of averages, plain, indifferent, unexceptional, cut-and-dried, unremarkable, garden, undistinguished, arithmetic mean, per capita.

Sense 6 (noun)


average (noun)

intermediate, medium, moderate, mediocre, middling, median, fair, modal, ordinary, common, average out, norm, mean, normal.

cognition (noun)


mediocrity (noun)

modesty, banality, normalcy, mediocrity, commonness, ordinariness.

middle (noun)

epicenter, marrow, nub, kernel, midpoint, hub, center, midst, halfway point, bisection, axis, nucleus, heart, pivot.

normal, typical amount (noun)

midpoint, par, norm, mean.

obtain numerical mean (verb)


stative (verb)

average out.

Usage examples for average:

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