Antonyms for discolor:

colorise, colourize, colourise, color, color in, Colour In, colorize.

Synonyms for discolor:

stain (noun)


blemish (verb)

hack, scuff, spoil, abrade, dot, flaw, pockmark, nick, score, distort, deface, freckle, check, taint, fracture, slit, tarnish, defect, mar, spot, scar, blister, splotch, scratch, chip, hurt, disfigure, blot, notch, stain, mark, blemish, speck, scrape, fleck, deform, damage, kink, gash.

fading, dirtying of hue (verb)

mar, tarnish, tinge, mark, stain, blot.

Sense 1

Bestain, fade.

Sense 2


Other synonyms and related words:

fade, Bestain, black and tan, smut, colourise, Colour In, colourize, colorize, colour, gloss, colorise, dye, tinge, discolour, color in.

Usage examples for discolor:

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