Synonyms for browse:

Sense 2 (noun)

dip into, bookmark, maintain, dial-up, skim, download, hook up, facebook, host, chat, scan.

Sense 3 (noun)

run down, look at, flick through, glance.

Sense 4 (noun)

feed on, prey on, root, feed, feed off, hunt, ruminate.

browse (noun)

crop, shop, pasture, browsing, surf, graze, range.

consumption (verb)


possession (verb)


Sense 1

digitize, cut and paste, translate, copy, spool, eat, keep, select, preprogram, import, unsubscribe, encode, flick through, swipe, save, defragment, overwrite, resize, back up, store, zip, hack, tile, undelete, pull off, prey on, nest, DEFRAG, embed, morph, cut over, retry, program, computerize, configure, uninstall, enable, undo, deselect, migrate, facebook, retrieve, call up, unzip, debug, feed on, thumb through, compress, ping, upload, link, write, gaming, concatenate, manipulate, minimize, web-enable, rewrite, drill down, execute, paste, author, erase, load, edit, export, shop around, print out, page through, initialize, install, compile, wipe, plug into, process, code, delete, unpack, Phish, interrogate, reformat.

Sense 2

riffle, look through, chat, refresh, network, burn-in, ruminate, populate, lock, block, dial-up, rip, overload, deliver, highlight, feed off, decompress, navigate, scan, upgrade, format.

Sense 3

burn, archive, hunt, skim, search, capture, download, subscribe, hook up, bookmark, output.

Sense 4

dump, take back, price, cut, visit, maintain, support.

Sense 5

access, check out, glance.

Sense 6

run down.

Sense 8

look at.

Sense 9

host, flip.

Sense 10

feed, post, root.

Sense 11


Sense 14


Sense 16


feed on



dip into.

Usage examples for browse:

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