Pronunciation of Hostile
/hˈɒsta͡ɪl/, /hˈɒsta‍ɪl/, /h_ˈɒ_s_t_aɪ_l/

Antonyms for hostile:

amicable, friendly, unaggressive, nice, pleasant, warm, agreeable, sympathetic, favorable, good, hospitable, reconcilable.

Synonyms for hostile:

Sense 1

bipolar, commemorative, fierce, maiden, forbidding, limp, face saving, anti, reciprocal, adversarial, unprompted, attempted, procedural, two-handed, preventive, lamely, rebellious, token, preventative, repugnant, resistant, saltwater, recreational, parting, on-the-job.

Sense 2

paid, peacefully, rude, two-step, antisocial, opposite, pugnacious, part-time, chilly, scrappy, official.

Sense 3

chip, panic, physical, lame.

Sense 4

desperate, amateur.

Sense 5

Against, personal.










frosty, roughly, cold, stonily, haughty, impersonal, glacial, hard-boiled, standoffish, rough, wintry, offhand, coolly, frigid, stiff, stony, icily, uncaring, severe, unapproachable, disobliging, unwelcoming, ill-disposed, brusque, severely, sourly, Cold-hearted, unsmiling, icy, stiffly, stony-faced, unpleasant.

Other synonyms and related words:

inappropriate, head-on, anti, negative, uncongenial, preventive, forbidding, icy, stony, icily, frosty, chip, standoffish, contradictory, rebellious, remote, alien, adversarial, unsmiling, official, uncaring, unfavourable, ill, counter, unprompted, impertinent, limp, part-time, glacial, parting, foreign, roughly, frigid, haughty, unwelcoming, scrappy, jaundiced, inimical, at loggerheads, bipolar, disadvantageous, unconnected, severe, commemorative, repugnant, sarcastic, pugnacious, opposite, opposing, antagonist, opponent, lamely, adverse, fierce, ill-disposed, prejudicial, misanthropic, impersonal, incompatible, irreconcilable, chilly, recreational, irrelevant, distant, rude, resistant, procedural, unreconcilable, antisocial, unlike, opposed, cold, inhospitable, antipathetical, foe, strange, unpleasant, untoward, lame, angry, token, litigious, saltwater, maiden, desperate, dirty, unsympathetic, unfavorable, attempted, rough, Against, amateur, Cold-hearted, enemy.

aggressive (adjective)

determined, bellicose, offensive, warlike, domineering, assertive, aggressive, truculent, pushy, combative, forward, belligerent, militant.

antagonistic, mean (adjective)

inimical, opposite, unsympathetic, unfriendly, belligerent, bellicose, contentious, anti, nasty, hateful, pugnacious, sour, contrary, alien, dour, ill-disposed, surly, adverse, warlike, rancorous, inhospitable, malevolent, militant, opposed, spiteful, unsociable, catty, virulent, bitter, unwelcoming, malicious, scrappy, unfavorable, malignant, cold.

conflicting (adjective)

bickering, brawling, cacophonous, contentious, clamoring, conflicting, colliding, antagonistic, harsh, feuding, Squabbling, antipathetic, dissident, warring, dissenting, clashing, dissonant, tense, disharmonious, raucous, rioting, rowing, loath, discordant, differing.

different (adjective)


discordant (adjective)

unmusical, discord, quarrelsome, jarring, tuneless, unmelodious, fricative, disharmonious, cacophonous, conflicting, differing, unharmonious, dissonant, discordant, inharmonious, antagonistic, contentious.

envious (adjective)


hateful (adjective)


malevolent (adjective)

corrosive, rancorous, sinister, churlish, ill-natured, venomous, mean, bitter, nasty, vindictive, evil, Black-hearted, wicked, catty, hateful, treacherous, vicious, baleful, malicious, foul, malevolent, virulent, malignant, antagonistic, spiteful, baneful, perfidious, hurtful, sullen.

opposed (adjective)


opposing (adjective)


sullen (adjective)

glum, crabby, unsociable, grumpy, surly, beetle-browed, dark, dour, sulky, glowering, gloomy, malevolent, cynical, petulant, noncooperative, mean, sullen, ungenial, contrary, uncooperative, dejected, grim, cantankerous, scowling, obstinate, moody, morose, frowning, melancholy, broody, fretful, unfriendly, Moping, long-faced, cross, grouchy, irascible, sour, dissociable.

Sense 1 (noun)

rebellious, Against, resistant.

Sense 3 (noun)

scrappy, pugnacious.

Sense 4 (noun)

desperate, amateur, attempted, face saving, lamely, commemorative, lame, limp, maiden.

hostile (noun)

enemy, unreconcilable, unfavourable, unfavorable, belligerent, ill, head-on, aggressive, irreconcilable, uncongenial, inhospitable, dirty, unfriendly, at loggerheads, antagonistic, antipathetical, truculent, opposing, inimical, opponent, antipathetic, bitter.

unfriendly (noun)

cold, stony, unpleasant, icy.

Usage examples for hostile:

  • One hostile move and your ruler dies. - "Giants on the Earth", Sterner St. Paul Meek.
  • He saw only hostile faces. - "The Mutineers", Charles Boardman Hawes.

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