Antonyms for mindful:

ignorant, negligent, forgetful, indifferent, unaware, uninformed, unmindful, careless.

Synonyms for mindful:


appreciative, attentive, aware, careful, conscious, considerate, regardful, sharp-eyed, witting.

all (adjective)


attentive (adjective)

enraptured, attentive, observing, heedful, absorbed, regardful, Scrutinizing, diligent, careful, Considering, watchful, Concentrating, engrossed, rapt, Hearkening, responsible, sharp, observant, fascinated, alert, entranced, vigilant, intent, Immersed, concerned, interested, cautious.

attentive, aware (adjective)

observing, cautious, thoughtful, wary, heedful, watchful, observant, conscientious, solicitous, alert, conscious, careful, cognizant, regardful, vigilant, apprehensive.

aware (adjective)

sensory, Apprised, conscious, astute, observant, cognizant, appreciative, aware, feeling, familiar with, responsive, sensitive, perceptive, sentient, attentive.

cautious (adjective)

prudent, cautious, aware, heedful, watchful, wary, observant, guarded, careful, circumspect, deliberate, attentive, alert.

circumspect (adjective)

careful, discretionary, observant, thoughtful, safe, watchful, solicitous, judicious, circumspect, considerate, politic, discreet, discriminatory, cautious, prudent, diplomatic.

vigilant (adjective)

fastidious, thorough, ready, meticulous, regardful, particular, provident, exacting, scrupulous, fussy, strict, cautious, careful, attentive, diligent, observant, conscientious, watchful, thoughtful, precise, guarded, vigilant, sharp-eyed, finical, alert, prudent, heedful, responsible, prepared.

worried (adjective)


mindful (noun)

evocative, redolent, remindful, aware, heedful, careful, redolent of, reminiscent of, reminiscent.

Usage examples for mindful:

  • These he slew, but the others were, each of them, mindful of flight. - "The Iliad of Homer (1873)", Homer.

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