Antonyms for observing:


Synonyms for observing:

Sense 1

commemorative, Mentioning, saying.

Other synonyms and related words:

commemorative, Mentioning, perceptive.

all (adjective)


attentive (adjective)

diligent, fascinated, sharp, heedful, Scrutinizing, engrossed, Concentrating, Considering, Hearkening, absorbed, alert, intent, interested, concerned, rapt, vigilant, Immersed, mindful, cautious, attentive, enraptured, entranced, responsible, regardful, observant, watchful, careful.

engaged in observing (adjective)

observant, watchful, attentive, watching.

observant (adjective)


observing (noun)

observant, perceptive.

celebrating (verb)

rejoicing, Feting, Trumpeting, Frolicking, jubilating, venerating, making merry, partying, acclaiming, carousing, cheering, Glorifying, Hallowing, praising, Memorializing, Proclaiming, hailing, Inaugurating, honoring, commemorating, Celebrating, Enjoying, Saluting, Reveling, Lauding, Solemnizing, exulting.

complying (verb)

complying, accepting, Acquiescing, Succumbing, Fulfilling, kowtowing, Submitting, Adhering, ceding, Capitulating, conforming, Deferring, Obeying, consenting, bowing, agreeing, concurring, bending, Respecting, Caving, yielding, Surrendering, assenting, knuckling under, Genuflecting.

conforming (verb)

Aping, Mimicking.

evincing (verb)

Attesting, Witnessing, Deposing, Authenticating, Illustrating, Stating, validating, Evincing, adducing, substantiating, Establishing, Betokening, exemplifying, Vouching, Declaring, Connoting, Certifying, supporting, Testifying, Avouching, Manifesting, Indicating, confirming, documenting, Proving, Corroborating, demonstrating, Exhibiting, determining.

examining (verb)

studying, verifying, Checking, scanning, reviewing, Examining, surveying, perusing.

imagining (verb)

fantasizing, envisioning, Supposing, Opining, Conceiving, Creating, thinking, designing, reflecting, Inventing, Theorizing, Imagining, brainstorming, Contemplating, daydreaming, planning.

observing (verb)

looking, beholding, viewing, Gazing, watching, Perceiving, Sight-seeing.

seeing (verb)

seeing, regarding, Glimpsing, Peering, spying, staring, sighting, Inspecting, peeking, discerning, glaring, Glancing.

Usage examples for observing:

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