Pronunciation of Flawed
/flˈɔːd/, /flˈɔːd/, /f_l_ˈɔː_d/

Antonyms for flawed:

precise, good, flawless, right, accurate, faultless, correct, true, proper, perfect.

Synonyms for flawed:

Sense 1

innate, Trashed, honeycombed, sniveling, temperate, adaptive, pitted, addictive, larger-than-life, squashed, natural-born, wayward, shop-soiled, streaky, red-blooded, overweening, predisposed, wrecked, dog-eared, washed-out, riddled, out-and-out, well endowed, babyish, needy, blasted, thick-skinned, incarnate, self-aware, buggered, prone, tattered, classy, Gutted, kaput, inbred, cratered, self-confessed, Walter Mitty, temperamental, flattened, weather-beaten, flexible, war-torn, tidy.

Sense 2

native, badass, constitutionally, inclined, born, warped, personally, reactive, bombed-out, shopworn, Clingy, outward, perforated, stricken, ruinous, sporty, moth-eaten.

Sense 3

broken, sad, lost, ragged.

Sense 4

bust, natural.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 12




Other synonyms and related words:

flattened, apart, weather-beaten, adaptive, flexible, shopworn, self-aware, tattered, riddled, constitutionally, stricken, warped, larger-than-life, broken, Clingy, born, innate, bombed-out, inbred, have, sporty, sniveling, self-confessed, Gutted, washed-out, untenable, out-and-out, down, wrecked, war-torn, reactive, squashed, prone, sad, babyish, lost, wayward, bust, thick-skinned, temperamental, Trashed, classy, kaput, amiss, temperate, badass, addictive.

all (adjective)


amiss (adjective)

awry, mistaken, incorrect, faulty, false, inaccurate, improper, erroneous, crooked, bad, imperfect, fallacious.

blemished (adjective)

deformed, distorted, abraded, Scored, defective, spotted, marred, chipped, notched, cracked, marked, imperfect, tainted, gashed, defaced, fractured, scarred, stained, blemished, tarnished, disfigured, splotched, Nicked, Scuffed, impure, scraped, spoiled, freckled, pockmarked, damaged, specked, flecked, scratched, discolored, blistered, Scabbed, slit, Hacked, blotched.

damaged (adjective)

blemished, bent, spoiled, kaput, marred, down.

defective (adjective)

damaged, inadequate, incomplete, amiss, deficient.

deficient (adjective)


deformed (adjective)

irregular, contorted, bent, distorted, corrupt, deformed, awry, perverse, disfigured, misshapen, crooked, cockeyed, asymmetrical, freakish, lopsided.

dysfunctional (adjective)


erroneous (adjective)

botched, erroneous, miscalculated, distorted, Misconceived, mistaken, marred, illogical, misjudged, misestimated, fallacious, defective, faulty, untrue, incorrect, Misconstrued, false, inaccurate.

faulty (adjective)

cracked, botched, wrong, tainted, warped, distorted.

imperfect (adjective)

incomplete, second-rate, tainted, imperfect, spoiled, defective, deficient, faulty, inadequate, blotched, blemished.

indefensible (adjective)


unsound (adjective)


wrong (adjective)

aberrant, bad, illegal, faulty, inaccurate, incorrect, improper, fallacious, erroneous, untrue, wrong, mistaken, false.

Sense 1 (noun)

babyish, constitutionally, Clingy, flexible, classy, addictive, born, badass, adaptive.

Sense 2 (noun)

broken, apart, Trashed, kaput, wrecked, down.

flawed (noun)

blemished, imperfect.

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