Antonyms for crookedness:

honesty, integrity, righteousness, probity, truthfulness, goodness, virtuousness, straightness, decency.

Synonyms for crookedness:

Sense 1

corruptness, jaggedness, unevenness.

Sense 3

roughness, inequality.

Other synonyms and related words:

foxiness, obliqueness, roughness, torsion, unevenness, fraud, craft, guilefulness, complicatedness, tortuosity, dissimulation, jaggedness, corruptness, cheating, dissembling, tortuousness, dupery, torque, inequality, deformation, wiliness, crookery.

Sense 1 (noun)

roughness, inequality, unevenness, jaggedness.

Sense 2 (noun)


asymmetry (noun)


corruption (noun)

deceit, underhandedness, deviousness, Improbity, corruptness, dishonesty.

crookedness (noun)

leaning, torsion, deviousness, slope, angularity, tortuosity, contortion, tortuousness, bent, tilt.

deformity (noun)

disfigurement, asymmetry, corruption, irregularity, bend, perversity, freakishness, distortion, lopsidedness, flaw, contortion, deformity.

dishonesty (noun)

hypocrisy, traitorousness, immorality, deviousness, fraudulence, chicanery, craftiness, Improbity, underhandedness, feloniousness, insincerity, prevarication, deceitfulness, dishonesty, unscrupulousness, treachery.

falsehood (noun)

duplicity, deceit, figment, falsehood, phoniness, delusion, fiction, deceptiveness.

irregularity (noun)

tortuousness, asymmetry, unevenness, tortuosity, jaggedness.

shape (noun)

tortuosity, contortion, tortuousness, torsion.

Usage examples for crookedness:

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