Pronunciation of War
/wˈɔː/, /wˈɔː/, /w_ˈɔː/

Antonyms for war:

peacefulness, truce, make peace, peace.

Synonyms for war:

Sense 1

landing, reconnaissance, cyberwar, ambush, Corrivalry, holocaust, Skirmishing, council of war, pincer movement, asymmetrical warfare, asymmetric warfare, pitched battle, air cover, civil war, opposition, expedition, Inharmony, push, war council, belligerency, unarmed combat, world war, skirmish, discordance, dissentience, tug-of-war, attrition, OP, shelling, staging area, trench warfare, militarism, biowarfare, incursion, amphibious.

Sense 2

dissonance, dissidence, rivalry, mission, friction, contend, maneuver, dissension, striving, duel.

Sense 3

schism, withdrawal, variance, disaccord, wrestle, strife, confrontation.

Sense 4

contention, tilt, competition, faction, race, discord.

Sense 5


Sense 7

difference, difficulty.

Sense 10


Sense 1 (noun)

pitched battle, skirmish, incursion, mission.

Sense 2 (noun)

rivalry, tug-of-war, striving, race, Corrivalry, strife, competition.

Sense 3 (noun)

belligerency, confrontation.

Sense 4 (noun)

dissidence, friction, difference, Inharmony, discordance, dissension, disaccord, faction, discord, variance, dissonance, dissentience, dissent, schism, difficulty, contention.

Sense 5 (noun)

wrestle, tilt, contend, duel.

act (noun)


armed conflict (noun)

contest, strife, hostility, combat, bloodshed, conflict, warfare, strike, contention, battle, struggle.

attack (noun)

combat, violence, frenzy, invasion, warfare, raid, outbreak, aggression, foray, furor, thrust, charge, tirade, bombardment, bloodshed, sortie, riot, assault, spasm, battle, attack, fight, siege, storm, fury, onslaught, barrage, offense, strike.

battle (noun)

sortie, strife, combat.

competition (noun)


conflict (noun)

tug-of-war, dissentience, discordance.

discordance (noun)


war (noun)

state of war, warfare.

warfare (noun)

guerre, tussle, scuffle, scramble, jihad, contest, struggle, offensive, warpath, crusade, campaign, engagement, hostility, conflict, drive.

conflict (verb)

amphibious, blitzkrieg.

fight, battle (verb)

attack, contend.

Usage examples for war:

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