Synonyms for abbreviated:

Sense 1

longish, spidery, elongated, go up, foreshortened, telegraphic, stumpy, attenuated, stretch, stubby, floor-length, stringy.

Sense 2

full-length, go down.

Other synonyms and related words:

stretch, foreshortened, stumpy, brief, truncate, floor-length, telegraphic, short, telescoped.

all (adjective)


contracted (adjective)

shrunken, abridged, Compacted, condensed, contracted, deflated, compressed, Squeezed.

decreased (adjective)

decreased, abridged, drained, truncated, deflated, eroded, shrunk, shortened, Abated, compressed, depleted, contracted, concentrated, Curtailed, diminished, decremented, Receded, lessened, Compacted, lower.

diminished (adjective)

sheared, deducted, reduced, condensed, shortened, downgraded, trimmed, depleted, docked, drained, Bobbed, removed, Receded, Dwindled, diminished, concentrated, dropped, tapered, cropped, shaved, abridged, decreased, eroded, contracted, shrunken, lessened, deflated, Pared, mowed, cut, truncated, Leached, weeded, Compacted, Nipped, clipped, Lightened, lowered, compressed, decremented, Curtailed, pruned.

reduced (adjective)

removed, deducted, deflated, Discounted, clipped, mowed, Nipped, diminished, Pared, shaved, Deleted, decreased, abridged, subtracted, Bobbed, shortened, lessened, reduced, lowered, drained, Snubbed, compressed, pruned, contracted, Depreciated, cropped, weeded, bated, eroded, cut, docked, sheared, Curtailed, trimmed, Elided.

short (adjective)

short, sawed-off.

Sense 1 (noun)

elongated, go down, floor-length, attenuated, long, foreshortened, go up, full-length.

abbreviated (noun)

truncated, shortened, brief, short.

contracted (verb)


curtailed (verb)

reduced, minimized, discontinued, fragmented.

decreased (verb)

deducted, Dwindled, Shrank, lowered, died down, Subsided.

diminished (verb)


Usage examples for abbreviated:

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