Synonyms for negotiation:

Sense 1

debate, exploration, postmortem, brainstorming, bull session, horse trading, pow-wow, discussion, confab, heart-to-heart, agreement, palaver, back and forth, gabfest, deliberation, talkfest, the negotiating table.

Sense 2

comment, airing, discourse, commentary, inquest, sale, argument, consultation.

Sense 3

brainstorm, review.

Sense 5

talk, word.

Other synonyms and related words:

consultation, concession, treaty, accommodation, commentary, inquest, agreement, exploration, confab, debate, sale, argument, dialogue, horse trading, palaver, discussion, comment, give and take, duologue, talk, dialog, airing, talkfest, talks, deliberation.

Sense 1 (noun)

exploration, argument, inquest, commentary, debate.

Sense 2 (noun)

consultation, discussion.

Sense 3 (noun)


agreement (noun)


approval (noun)

meeting of minds.

arbitration (noun)


bargaining (noun)

consultation, arbitration, intervention, transaction, debate, compromise, discussion, agreement, mediation.

business (noun)

enterprise, situation, position, career, proprietorship, business, industry, affair, establishment, trade, calling, market, selling, livelihood, station, firm, exchange, venture, concern, activity, job, vocation, retailing, interest, transaction, corporation, assignment, practice, company, partnership, consortium, barter, profession, occupation, service, commerce, posting, commission, busy work, holding, specialty, employment, merchant, management, labor.

communication (noun)

dialogue, talks.

mediation (noun)

assistance, mediation, parley, intercession, arbitration, inter-mediation, adjudication, conciliation, intervention, facilitation, reconciliation, Interlocution, compromise.

negotiation (noun)

dialogue, talks.

Usage examples for negotiation:

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