Antonyms for thrown:

up, untangled.

Synonyms for thrown:

hurled (adjective)

heaved, pitched, Propelled, Flung, Tossed, Launched.

Other synonyms and related words:

down, thrown and twisted, tangled.

thrown (noun)

down, thrown and twisted, tangled.

motivated (verb)

magnetized, struck, moved, triggered, shot, Knocked, induced, provoked, Jostled, Hastened, Punched, inspired, Enticed, Hurtled, Instigated, Fomented, nudged, Urged, Poked, Jogged, motivated, Jerked, fermented, stricken, forced, Bumped, jolted, Energized, stimulated.

propelled (verb)

Hurled, compelled, canted, Launched, Slung, goaded, Flung, pitched, Threw, Bowled, Flicked, fired, Precipitated, cast, Rammed, driven, Butted, Shunted, Prodded, catapulted, Propelled, chucked, thrust, Tossed, bunted, drove, Pushed, impelled, Shoved, Lobbed, heaved, projected, Pelted.

Usage examples for thrown:

  • Shaseliman was drawn up from the well, conducted to the top of the tower, and thrown down with others. - "Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers", Various.
  • This is repeated until each player in a line has thrown for the goal. - "Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium", Jessie H. Bancroft.
  • Mr. Foley rose slowly from the easy- chair into which he had thrown himself, and stood by his visitor's side. - "A People's Man", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

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