Pronunciation of Paid
/pˈe͡ɪd/, /pˈe‍ɪd/, /p_ˈeɪ_d/

Synonyms for paid:

Sense 1

self-liquidating, cash on delivery, per diem, earnings-related, low-paid, Overpaid, well-paid.

Sense 2


Sense 4


Sense 7




Other synonyms and related words:

professional, prepaid, Overpaid, mercenary, postpaid, stipendiary, remunerative, nonrecreational, satisfied, overpay, compensable, paying, profitable, pay, reply-paid, Gainful, paid-up, salaried, cashed, square, post-free, low-paid.

content (adjective)


given (adjective)

Awarded, Delivered, Imparted, shared, Disbursed, Consigned, Served, Offered, granted, presented, Ascribed, Allowed, Provided, Contributed, pledged, Attributed, Tendered, donated, Submitted, endowed, furnished, expended, Doled, Supplied, bestowed, rationed, Lavished, given, Bequeathed, lent, dispensed, assigned, Rendered, sent, Showered, allotted.

rewarded (adjective)

Reimbursed, refunded, compensated, Repaid, remunerated, salaried.

Sense 4 (noun)

per diem, hourly, overpay, Overpaid, earnings-related, pay, low-paid.

paid (noun)

post-free, professional, mercenary, salaried, reply-paid, compensable, stipendiary, freelance, compensated, postpaid, profitable, square, paid-up, paying, remunerative, prepaid, nonrecreational, remunerated, cashed, Gainful.

gave (verb)

Attributed, Ascribed, granted, extended, Provided, Submitted, endowed, assigned, funded, Offered, allotted, dispensed, furnished, Showered, expended, Disbursed, rationed, bestowed, devoted, Gave, Helped, Imparted, given, Contributed, Rendered, Awarded, sent, pledged, Lavished, Consigned, Supplied, Served, Allowed, presented, assisted, Doled, lent, donated, shared, Delivered, Bequeathed, Tendered.

paid (verb)

Reimbursed, Repaid, settled, Remitted, discharged, bankrolled, Deposited, refunded.

rewarded (verb)

tipped, Tempted, compensated, sweetened, Enticed, remunerated, Lured, treated, honored, Rewarded, induced.

Usage examples for paid:

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