Pronunciation of Scorching
/skˈɔːt͡ʃɪŋ/, /skˈɔːt‍ʃɪŋ/, /s_k_ˈɔː_tʃ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for scorching:

wintry, glacial, cool, cold.

Synonyms for scorching:

Sense 1

blistering, swelter, molten, sweaty, dithyrambic, sun-drenched, bask, blazing, sizzling, suffocating, beat down, warmly, hot-blooded, fervid, toasty, red hot, steamy.

Sense 2

blaze, heated, washed, glorious, steaming, balmy, stifling, fervent, sun-kissed, tropic, oppressive, perfervid, ardent, impassioned.

Sense 3

steam, overheated, flaming, breathless.

Sense 4

sticky, bake.

Sense 5

passionate, heat.

Sense 7


Sense 16




Other synonyms and related words:

ardent, sarcastic, Superheated, washed, red hot, blistering, heat, steam, heated, steamy, white-hot, toasty, passionate, perfervid, sultry, steaming, bake, fervid, blaze, overheated, hot-blooded, dithyrambic, sticky, bask, suffocating, stifling, flaming, ultrahot, blazing, fervent, sizzling, sweaty, oppressive, impassioned.

harsh (adjective)

scathing, sarcastic.

hot (adjective)

hot, baking, fiery, temperate, sizzling, broiling, torrid, warm, roasting, sweltering, feverish, steaming, burning, tropical, glowing, Searing, blistering, scalding.

thermal (adjective)


very hot (adjective)

burning, blistering, sizzling, hot, Searing, fiery, sweltering.

Sense 1 (noun)

mild, balmy.

Sense 2 (noun)

heated, ardent, sultry, red hot, sizzling, blistering.

Sense 3 (noun)

dithyrambic, hot-blooded, flaming, impassioned, fervent, fervid, passionate, blazing, perfervid.

harsh (noun)


attacking (verb)

Assailing, savaging, raiding, Charging, slashing, trouncing, attacking, Combating, Scarifying, pounding, raping, Assaulting, striking, thrusting, invading, Bombarding, battering, barraging, fighting, rioting, hammering, lashing, Harrying, hitting, scathing, Flaying, Violating, Lunging, Storming.

heating (verb)

burning, roasting, singing, cooking, Searing, sweltering, poaching, barbecuing, firing, scalding, Parboiling, warming, frying, toasting, broiling, boiling, Parching, grilling, baking, braising, heating, stewing, Charring, simmering.

Usage examples for scorching:

  • Scorching, yet still eager to live, he crawled on hands and knees toward the steel door. - "The Air Trust", George Allan England.
  • 22, but refers to the scorching of the onlookers, while v. - "The Three Additions to Daniel, A Study", William Heaford Daubney.
  • Here I am in the midst of those whom I once hoped, it may be, to conquer or slay, and from their hands receiving the 'coals of fire' that are scorching my heart instead of my head. - "Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale", Ida Glenwood.

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