Pronunciation of Detachment
/dɪtˈat͡ʃmənt/, /dɪtˈat‍ʃmənt/, /d_ɪ_t_ˈa_tʃ_m_ə_n_t/

Synonyms for detachment:

Sense 1

cavalry, general staff, Equitableness, divorcement, justness, squadron, garrison, nonpartisanship, guard, contingent, disjuncture, guard of honour, uncoupling, paratroops, task force, fair-mindedness, advance guard, expeditionary force, special operations, Disseverment, scouting party, militia, rearguard, firing squad, honor guard, vanguard, Impartialness, legionary, Disseverance.

Sense 2

headquarters, legion, picket, reserve, severance.

Sense 3

unit, corps.

Sense 4

parting, command.

Sense 5

line, justice.

Sense 6


Sense 8






Sense 2 (noun)

contingent, advance guard, cavalry, command.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

divorcement, parting, disunion, disjuncture, Disseverance, Disseverment, severance.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

justice, justness, fairness, fair-mindedness, Equitableness, Impartialness, nonpartisanship.

Sense 7 (noun)

unit, corps.

alienation (noun)

breach, separation, disjunction, extraneousness, irrelevance, dissociation, segregation, inapplicability, difference, foreignness, other, alienation, remoteness.

aloofness (noun)

coolness, Incuriosity, dreaminess, indifference, objectivity, impartiality, unconcern, nonpartisanship, disinterestedness, neutrality, preoccupation, coldness, remoteness.

boredom (noun)

lack of interest.

crew (noun)

brigade, assemblage, clique, litter, outfit, squad, company, hive, army, phalanx, fellowship, division, crew, colony, complement, junta, drove, coalition, fleet, nest, faction, band, cadre, posse, retinue, society, tribe, ring, platoon, cabal, circle, flock, assembly, mob, caucus, set, school, group, gang, regiment, battalion, troop, host, troupe, body, cell, force, covey, clan, bunch, fraternity, collection, union, coterie, herd, wing, string, detail, club, party, sect, bevy, staff, aggregation, team, pack, league, crowd.

detachment (noun)

insularism, insularity, disengagement, breakup, separation, withdrawal, insulation.

disconnection (noun)

dissolution, disunion, separation, divorce, divorcement, disengagement, partition, division.

discreteness (noun)


disinterestedness (noun)

impartiality, disinterest.

disjunction (noun)

break, divorce, disengagement, cleavage, slice, disunity, partition, disassociation, fissure, incision, bisection, cut, Disarticulation, disconnection, rent, split, disassembly, disintegration, part, dissection, amputation.

dispersion (noun)

disbursement, dislocation, distribution, breakup, divergence, refraction, evaporation, dispersion, diffusion, evanescence, dispersal, scattering, radiation, dissolution, diffraction.

extraneousness (noun)

impertinence, disaffiliation, strangeness, inadmissibility, outlandishness, inappropriateness.

feeling (noun)


inattention (noun)

befuddlement, negligence, indifference, absent-mindedness, obliviousness, carelessness, disregardfulness, disinterestedness, oversight, preoccupation, unconcern, dreaminess, lack of interest, inattention, apathy, aloofness, heedlessness, disregard, unconsciousness, lapse, forgetfulness, thoughtlessness, Inobservance, absence, Incuriosity, inadvertence, distraction.

incuriosity (noun)

dispassionateness, Incuriousness, insouciance.

indifference (noun)

coldness, halfheartedness, Perfunctoriness, laxity, unwillingness, lukewarmness.

insensitivity (noun)

coolness, passionlessness, toughness, insensitiveness, numbness, insensitivity, heartlessness, passivity, emotionlessness, bluntness, callousness, hardness, dispassion, Stoniness, Objectiveness, cold-bloodedness, hardheartedness, ruthlessness, nonchalance.

justice (noun)


justness (noun)


looseness (noun)

fuzziness, incoherence, non-cohesiveness, looseness, Brokenness, disjointedness, Inconsistence, laxness.

military troop (noun)

body, squad, army, troupe, task force, party, detail, unit, force.

objectivity (noun)

exterior, objectivity, outside, periphery, surface.

reverie (noun)


seclusion (noun)

misanthropy, ostracism, aloneness, isolation, ejection, expatriation, banishment, loneliness, eradication, excommunication, Reclusion, deportation, standoffishness, disbarment, xenophobia, solitude, captivity, exclusion, extradition, anonymity, confinement, removal, extirpation, rejection, apartheid, seclusion, exile, elimination.

separation (noun)

disconnection, disjunction, disjuncture, disunion, divorcement.

unexcitability (noun)

calmness, placidity, impassiveness, easygoingness, serenity, neutrality, tranquility, composedness, staidness, self-composedness, reservation.

Usage examples for detachment:

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