Pronunciation of Livid
/lˈɪvɪd/, /lˈɪvɪd/, /l_ˈɪ_v_ɪ_d/

Synonyms for livid:

Sense 1

ashy, gray, black.

Sense 2

pasty, waxen, pallid, sallow.

Sense 3

cadaverous, wan, lurid.



Other synonyms and related words:

infuriate, white-hot, Paled, mad, clean, enraged, exsanguinous, etiolated, rabid, cadaverous, white, whitened, ballistic, wrathful, angered, waxen, shirty, foaming, steamed up, lurid, incensed, light, ashy, exsanguine, Rankled, angry, furious, colourless, lily-white, sore, blanched, pasty, doughy, Horn-mad, outraged, irate, cheesed off, infuriated, pallid, teed off, black, bloodless, steaming, indignant, snowy, wan, inflamed, mealy, colorless, pale, roiled, wroth, gray, ireful, Hopping, ashen, apoplectic, etiolate, sallow, injured, riled, black-and-blue, Fuming, choleric, riley, blank, hot, Ticked.

angry (adjective)

indignant, mad, black, irate.

bruised (adjective)

purple, black-and-blue.

colorless (adjective)


extremely angry (adjective)

enraged, outraged, incensed, hot, black, indignant, mad, Fuming, infuriated, furious.

pale, ashen (adjective)

blanched, bloodless, ashy, wan, lurid, colorless, pasty, pallid, waxen.

purple (adjective)

lavender, mulberry, grape, purple, mauve, lilac, damson, orchid, magenta, pansy, amethystine, solferino, violet, burgundy, raisin, hyacinth, heliotrope, plum.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

cadaverous, pasty, pallid, lurid, waxen, sallow, ashy, wan.

discolored (noun)

pale, gray.

livid (noun)

ashen, light, bloodless, blanched, angry, colorless, injured, white, colourless, black-and-blue.

Usage examples for livid:

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