Pronunciation of Dead
/dˈɛd/, /dˈɛd/, /d_ˈɛ_d/

Antonyms for dead:

active, alive, charged, operative, elastic, reverberant, working, profitable, existing, animated, incompletely, incomplete, animate, lively, imprecise, existent, living, live, spirited, part.

Synonyms for dead:

Sense 1

grating, cross-eyed, close-set, numbing, crashing, topspin, phatic, sea, tautological, synonymous, hoarse, soft-spoken, honeyed, nasal, gravelly, wobbly, fagged, straightaway, underhand, modulated, lidded, sotto voce, monosyllabic, orotund, Rheumy, comfortably, polysemous, smack-dab, silvery, proverbial, inflected, sunken, monotonous, disyllabic, strident, tuckered, metaphorical, ringing, fruity, shrill, fatigued, umbrella, guttural, stentorian, beady, strangled, croaky, matter of fact, bloodshot, sesquipedalian, throaty, quietly, unpronounceable, breathy, worn down, disembodied, husky, unrelieved, unmarked, backspin, pop-eyed, adenoidal, tired out, wearied, drowned, Pooped, agglutinative, smoky, linguistic, wheezy, doe-eyed, idiomatic, toneless, figuratively, deep-set, high-pitched, arrant, small, cognate, spoken.

Sense 2

figurative, anesthesia, hollow, bleary, literal, completely, piggy, rough, Strangulated, rundown, rebound, outright, wholly, out-and-out, downright, shuttered, casualty, nonstandard, pidgin, thoroughgoing, totally, painless, Weariful, entirely, bug-eyed, thickly, done in, vanished, insensate, headless, singsong, underarm, brittle, unplayable, thoroughly, raucous, thin, gruff, directly, squarely, weary, creole, altogether, hazel, analgesia.

Sense 3

consummate, unmitigated, literally, comfortable, classical, technical, bouncy, native, worn-out, exhausted, precisely, quite, all-out, flat out, unbounded, unlimited, penetrating, fully, spent, exactly, pure.

Sense 4

unequivocal, thick, thorough, old, liquid, blooming.

Sense 5

unqualified, playable, tight, low, due, damned.

Sense 6

lost, smack.

Sense 7

positive, unreserved.

Sense 8

spin, flush, bang, perfect, complete.

Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 19


Sense 22



undone, destroyed, kaput.





cadaverous (adjective)


cold (adjective)

matter of fact.

dead (adjective)

Perished, fallen, deceased, Passed, annihilated, bury, d.o.a., departed, sainted, expired, extinct, fatal, parted.

defunct (adjective)

kaput, exanimate.

fatigued (adjective)

played out.

ghostly (adjective)


indifferent, cold (adjective)

flat, anesthetized, numb, Numbed, dull, stagnant, senseless, unfeeling, callous, insipid, torpid, still, tasteless, insensitive, deadened.

inert (adjective)


insensitive (adjective)

anesthetized, dull.

late (adjective)


lost (adjective)


motionless (adjective)

immobile, Resting, unmoving, motionless, inactive, sleeping, stationary, dormant, stagnant, standing, inert, quiet, becalmed, languid, tranquil, vegetative, idle, static, still, at rest, fixed, calm.

no longer alive (adjective)

deceased, done for, bloodless, gone, lifeless, defunct, inanimate, cold, unanimated, breathless, extinct, Perished, departed, late, inert, asleep, expired.

non-living (adjective)

deceased, lifeless, inanimate, non-living, inorganic.

non-resonant (adjective)

muffled, non-resonant, dull, deadened, Damped, mute, silenced, flat.

not working (adjective)

inactive, wearied, spent, vanished, exhausted, tired, lost, barren, bygone, inoperative, unprofitable, worn.

numb (adjective)


old (adjective)


past (adjective)


senseless (adjective)

faint, aloof, unconscious, oblivious, unfeeling, trance-like, soporific, blacked out, narcotic, insensitive, comatose, numb, insensible, anesthetized, unperceptive, insentient, callous, dull, senseless, swooning.

completely, totally (adverb)

wholly, entirely, exactly, due, directly, absolutely.

Sense 5 (noun)

fagged, spent, wearied, tired out, tired, brittle, bleary, fruity, breathy, tuckered, exhausted, worn down, disembodied, rundown, Weariful, Pooped, adenoidal, done in, grating, worn-out, croaky, weary, fatigued.

Sense 6 (noun)

insensate, disyllabic, agglutinative, figuratively, classical, figurative, idiomatic, creole, cognate.

Sense 7 (noun)

lost, vanished.

Sense 13 (noun)

long, topspin, underarm, backspin, spin, playable, rebound, bouncy.

dead (noun)

exactly, tired out, extinct, insensitive, exhausted, inanimate, total, absolutely, unfeeling, exanimate, perfect, downright, insentient, defunct, complete, perfectly, thoroughly, precisely, thorough, totally, dull, numb, outright, absolute, quiet, utter, gone, Perished, inert, cold, lifeless, torpid, deceased, entirely, insensate, quite, knackered, utterly, tired, very, late, completely, unqualified, departed.

exhausted (noun)

spent, tired, wearied, worn.

complete (verb)

unconditional, absolute, total.

defeated (verb)

done for.

Usage examples for dead:

  • I wish he was dead, I do. - "The Potato Child and Others", Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury.
  • But tell me, is he dead? - "Tempest and Sunshine", Mary J. Holmes.
  • It was I who found Collishaw- dead. - "The Paradise Mystery", J. S. Fletcher.

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