Pronunciation of Grade
/ɡɹˈe͡ɪd/, /ɡɹˈe‍ɪd/, /ɡ_ɹ_ˈeɪ_d/

Antonyms for grade:

fall, decline.

Synonyms for grade:

Sense 1

semester, underling, reclassify, dam, half-term, inferiority, hold up as, linnaean, long vacation, chain of command, identify with, mark as, spring break, seniority, midterm, characterize, put down as, Termly, midterm break, top brass, summer holiday, tabulate, subsidiarity, summer vacation, precedence, pecking order.

Sense 2

rung, deselect, ranking, flunk, echelon, toehold, grandeur, peg, underdog, describe, climb, plateau, bracket, measurement, trimester, foothold.

Sense 3

lump, vacation, listing, pyramid, certify, cant.

Sense 4

inferior, open house, band, start back, mark down, ladder, brass.

Sense 5

assign, pedigree, league, lean.

Sense 6

bottom, promote, count, fail.

Sense 7


Sense 15


Sense 25









upgrade, ramp.




pitch, incline.



Other synonyms and related words:

reclassify, tell, chump, chassis, contour, fool, count, bell ringer, tag, dam, come in, alumna, material body, ordinate, localise, coterie, plateau, roam, top, path, fall guy, echelon, horizontal surface, seduce, tick off, lay, seniority, scrape, precedence, chapter, figure, soma, story, pedigree, cross, distinguish, fail, saint mark, HIT, lean, ascent, underling, rung, peg, physical body, arcdegree, set out, upgrade, check off, note, inferior, outrank, deselect, inch, year, graze, govern, human body, distribute, invest, assort, codify, tabulate, stigmatize, floor, ranking, ground level, spirit level, course of instruction, cross out, strike off, compartmentalize, alumnus, characterize, incline, differentiate, notice, build, break down, phase, send, semester, yardstick, put, tier, dictate, cross off, commemorate, roll, pattern, direct, storey, downgrade, soft touch, dip, division, identify, vacation, measurement, cut, benchmark, rack up, patsy, print, promote, flunk, foothold, pose, midterm, marking, punctuate, bar, par, scotch, pock, trend, ladder, anatomy, grievance, account, grudge, band, stigmatise, pitch, stray, come out, manikin, graduation, ground floor, check, first floor, set up, crisscross, prescribe, listing, stain, cant, swan, localize, grad, pyramid, crop, lay out, academic degree, word form, variant, aim, sign, gradient, league, barometer, regularise, marker, mannequin, conformation, target, drift, tick, certify, surface, musical score, point, shortlist, site, ramp, ordain, describe, consecrate, bull's eye, locate, gull, grandeur, tier up, wander, configuration, reorder, enjoin, physique, social class, run, bottom, metric, denounce, rove, circle, pit, pasture, aggrade, alum, value, mug, manakin, signifier, toehold, touchstone, hill, browse, commit, tally, clique, course, descriptor, say, bod, stratum, scar, inclination, scratch, criterion, nock, mark off, mannikin, straddle, gradation, row, vagabond, bracket, improved, stigma, regularize, be, post, track, brass, graduate, pass, strike out, ramble, lump, flesh, climb.

Sense 1 (noun)

climb, downgrade, hill, upgrade, ramp, inclination, gradient, pitch, ascent.

Sense 2 (noun)

dam, characterize.

Sense 4 (noun)

ranking, echelon.

Sense 5 (noun)

mark down, promote, fail, rung, peg, pass, flunk.

Sense 6 (noun)

midterm, half-term, spring break, semester, long vacation, be, start back, midterm break, summer holiday, open house.

Sense 7 (noun)

league, bracket.

Sense 8 (noun)

incline, cant, lean.

categorization (noun)


category (noun)

genotype, mold, make, species, genus, ilk, caste, stock, series, designation, kind, phylum, stamp, variety, style, brand, feather, category, breed, clan, label, people, kingdom, taxonomy, strain, line, classification, denomination, stripe, Family, grain, race, persuasion.

degree (noun)

quality, step, extent, degree, amplitude, scale, caliber, notch, magnitude, intensity, level, potential, measure, range.

grade (noun)

rate, ground level, rank, improved, grad, score, mark, place, tier, form, degree, range, class, order, surface, level.

group (noun)

course, class, form.

incline, slope (noun)

lean, climb, downgrade, gradient, ramp, ascent, plane, pitch, descent, inclination, cant, upgrade, hill.

layer (noun)


ramp (noun)


rank (noun)

mark, position, standing, term, status, state, stage, station, footing.

rank, step (noun)

place, pigeonhole, class, gradation, mark, echelon, level, form, group, station, degree, order, category, division, classification, notch, quality, rung, stage, caliber, position, tier, brand, league.

rung (noun)


social class (noun)


social status (noun)


unit of measurement (noun)


cognition (verb)

place, rate, mark, score, rank, range, order.

evaluate, rank (verb)

classify, sort, arrange, value, rate, range, assort.

flatten (verb)

even, smooth, compress, squish, plane, flatten, deflate.

layer (verb)

laminate, coat, layer.

order (verb)

screen, design, collate, control, structure, classify, rate, harmonize, regulate, chart, score, sort, unsnarl, scheme, form, class, pigeonhole, separate, normalize, integrate, compose, plot, stratify, prepare, fix, schematize, establish, right, frame, rationalize, organize, type, shape, maintain, set, order, systematize, sift, cast, settle, program, marshal, adjust, support, plan, subordinate, group, place, stabilize, schedule, rank, devise, unify, mediate, array, Methodize, orchestrate, categorize, arrange, balance.

rank (verb)

rank, position, place, mark, scale.

Usage examples for grade:

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