Pronunciation of Bank
/bˈaŋk/, /bˈaŋk/, /b_ˈa_ŋ_k/

Antonyms for bank:

withdraw, take out.

Synonyms for bank:

Sense 1

the Fed, cirrus, cumulus, smorgasbord, bench, sub-prime, lakefront, merchant bank, variety, force down, lending rate, Chips, sort code, pay in, sock away, private bank, delta, ghat, banking, corpus, coastline, seaboard, credit limit, registry, welter, grab bag, water vapor, taxi, nexus, depositor, unsecured, overfly, lender, saver, phalanx, safe-deposit box, safety deposit box, overcast, the FDIC, cardholder, sandbank, Bank book, waterside, mudflats, isthmus, vapor, overdraft, oceanfront, stash, sampler, investment bank, Bund, bank statement, counting house, wall, glide, scud, touch down, cumulonimbus, bevy, subset, miscellany, cirrostratus, Shroff, peninsula, the Square Mile, mother lode, riverbank, debit, shoreline, ditch, wad, promontory, home banking, assortment, seaside, sand dune, flight-test, Thunderhead, compilation, dam, TELEBANKING, fogbound, cd, seashore, quayside, money market, discount rate, bank draft, Libor, the World Bank, thundercloud, BIPS, savings ratio, central bank, real-time authorization, EFTPOS, lift off, conglomeration, promenade, the Federal Reserve, dockside, credit union, mutual fund, agglomeration, dune, borrower, interest rate, headland, clearing bank, lakeside, telephone banking, bank rate, riverside, direct debit, survival kit, night depository, waterfront, sea mist, storm cloud, direct deposit, cirrocumulus, Overdrawn.

Sense 2

clearinghouse, mountain, eject, stack up, scramble, crop, heap, system, bale, mound, misty, paraphernalia, saving, gear, banker, portfolio, airlift, foggy, teller, cape, cloudy, pall, package deal, pyramid, collateral, ensemble, siphon, thrift, passbook, talk down, apr, nimbus, kit, pile, harvest, catchment area.

Sense 3

take off, column, reserve, mist, stack, hill, lower, billow, trustee, statement, come down, fly, spur, assembly, governor, string, captain.

Sense 4

sweep, mess, basin, nest, fog, pack, cloud, section, bundle, litter, drift, steam, pilot.

Sense 5

corridor, stock, dull, put down, display, mass, gather, trim, belt, buzz.

Sense 6

withdrawal, climb, book, bridge, wire, balance, lift, draft, salt, body, commission.

Sense 7

credit, drop, set, secure, bay, bar, strip, gray.

Sense 8


Sense 11

transfer, point.

Sense 16


Sense 17

open, flat.

Sense 22
















Other synonyms and related words:

pile, hill, string, heap, rely, mound, investment bank, shoal, sandbank, border, yaw, inclination, embankment, savings bank.

Sense 1 (noun)

mound, assortment, bevy, bale, embankment, assembly.

Sense 2 (noun)

climb, captain, come down, ditch, drop, airlift, down, buzz, eject.

Sense 3 (noun)

balance, bar, bank rate, bank statement, Bank book, reef, shoal, bank draft, apr, borrower, banking, BIPS.

Sense 4 (noun)

exchequer, credit union, clearinghouse, clearing bank, the FDIC, banker, counting house, central bank, the Fed.

Sense 5 (noun)

Bund, catchment area, cape, group, bay, basin, coastline.

Sense 6 (noun)

strip, bridge, inclination, corridor, spur, belt.

Sense 7 (noun)

pyramid, casino, wad, wall.

Sense 8 (noun)

stack, mountain, cirrostratus, billow, heap, pile, cloud, cumulus, cloudy, mess, column, cirrocumulus, mass, cumulonimbus, drift, hill, agglomeration, cirrus.

Sense 9 (noun)

pay in, credit, draw, debit, open, close.

bank (noun)

banking company, depository financial institution, camber, cant, swear, rely, savings bank, banking concern, bank building, money box, coin bank, trust.

bank on (noun)


curve (noun)


financial institution (noun)

exchequer, store, thrift, repository, stock, stockpile, storehouse, coffer, depository, hoard, treasury, safe, reserve, vault, credit union.

ground bounding waters (noun)

waterfront, oceanfront, beach, reef, lakefront, riverside, edge, shore, coast, lakeside, embankment, strand, seaboard.

land (noun)

earth, soil, land, terra firma, ground, shore, mainland, stone, beach, coast.

preservation (noun)

Embalming, freezing, can, conservation, sanctuary, asylum, quick-freeze, preservation, refrigeration, bottle, mummification.

row or tier of objects (noun)

group, array.

sandbar (noun)


savings and loan association (noun)

savings bank.

shoal (noun)


store (noun)

warehouse, depot, larder, emporium, cellar, closet, granary, safe, cupboard, supermarket, lumberyard, treasure, arsenal, bin, depository, market, accumulation, crib, storeroom, locker, buttery, silo, storage, coffer, commissary, storehouse, grocery, hayloft, mart, library, vault, Corncrib, repository, armory.

treasury (noun)

chest, piggy bank, drawer, exchequer, treasure house, till, treasury, coin box, bursary, strongbox, kitty, cash box.

collect money or advantage (verb)

mass, mound, stash, save, hill, heap, sock away, pile.

head (verb)


lean or tilt (verb)

cant, camber.

preserve (verb)

freeze, marinate, preserve, petrify, embalm, conserve, refrigerate, mummify.

store (verb)

store, hoard, cache, stockpile, archive, accumulate, save.

Usage examples for bank:

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