Pronunciation of Habit
/hˈabɪt/, /hˈabɪt/, /h_ˈa_b_ɪ_t/

Synonyms for habit:

Sense 1

nicotine gum, trademark, ritualistic, nonsmoking, habitual, ashtray, compulsive, Passive Smoking, smoking room, inveterate, stub out, praxis, stock-in-trade, idiosyncrasy, nonsmoker, smoker, ritualized, daily life, second-hand smoke, smoking, smoke-free, class, habitus, consuetude, nicotine patch, proclivity, chain-smoke, practice.

Sense 2

nail-biter, shtick, physique, method, cessation, confirmed, customary, light up, habit-forming, character, manner, americanism, fixture, staple diet, smoke, compulsion.

Sense 3

rule, puff, draw on.

Sense 4

tend, ritual, constitution, chronic, vice, institution, serial.

Sense 5

drag, diet, fare.

Sense 6

draw, patch.

Sense 7

go through, pull.

Sense 14







tone, way.





Other synonyms and related words:

weeds, praxis, monkey, fashion, compulsion, use, draw, drug abuse, ritual, rig, frame, rag, shtick, function, convention, trick, substance abuse, Toggery, americanism, habit-forming, rigging, vestments, manner, enrobe, stock, gear, proclivity, physique, dud, build, trademark, consuetude, wearables, utilisation, idiosyncrasy, utilization, dependence, method, position, chronic, customary, practice, garments, economic consumption, vestiary, clothe, figure, purpose, experience, role, habitude, wear, shape, tend, Habiliment, manipulation, employment, clobber, usance, jones, ashtray, usage, constitution, vice, form, way, enjoyment, diet, smoke, rule, habitual, togs, costumery, tone, style, institution, character, tog, exercise, habitus, consumption.

Sense 1 (noun)

proclivity, manner, fashion, way.

Sense 2 (noun)

practice, rule.

Sense 3 (noun)

daily life.

Sense 4 (noun)

habitude, consuetude, praxis.

Sense 5 (noun)

habitus, constitution, build, physique.

act (noun)


article of clothing (noun)


clothing (noun)

vestment, overcoat, costume, kilt, sports coat, duds, jumper, dress, parka, ulster, garment, bonnet, greatcoat, attire, sarong, caftan, slacks, panties, nightgown, pinafore, pajamas, dressing gown, kimono, footgear, jacket, sweat shirt, sweat suit, chapeau, scarf, fur, clothing, blazer, halter, shoes, gown, smoking jacket, shawl, array, hat, frock, smock, burnoose, skirt, sari, robe, suit, blue jeans, coat, blouse, camisole, stockings, shorts, sweater, bathrobe, pillbox, evening gown, dinner jacket, chemise, bowler, doublet, wrap, stetson, trench coat, jersey, apparel, shirt, ensemble, t-shirt, pants, vesture, tunic, windbreaker, garb, cape, corset, trimming, wrapper, outfit, pyjamas, fedora, v neck, pea coat, afghan, mackintosh, homburg, petticoat, beret, turtle-neck, raincoat, clothes, boot, brassiere, housecoat, fez, trousers, topcoat, cloak, headdress, pull over, raiment, crinoline, slicker, tuxedo, poncho.

cognition (noun)


dependence (noun)


dress (noun)


dress, clothing, often for a particular purpose (noun)

vestment, garment, costume, apparel, Habiliment, garb, robe.

fashion (noun)


frequency (noun)

frequency, commonness, oftenness.

habit (noun)

substance abuse, second nature, mannerism, treadmill, wont, way of life, Familiarity, routine, use, instinct, regularity, daily grind, temperament, conventionality, addiction, rut, custom, acclimation, trait, disposition, tradition, drug abuse, fixed ways, tendency, leaning.

reliance (noun)


substance abuse (noun)

drug abuse, substance abuse.

suit (noun)


tendency, practice (noun)

use, routine, second nature, mannerism, fashion, proclivity, wont, dependence, disposition, rule, rut, addiction, habitude, way, style, custom, manner, consuetude, praxis, constitution, usage, convention.

Usage examples for habit:

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