Pronunciation of Cloak
/klˈə͡ʊk/, /klˈə‍ʊk/, /k_l_ˈəʊ_k/

Antonyms for cloak:

uncover, tell, unmask, reveal, uncloak, confess.

Synonyms for cloak:

Sense 1

oilskin, window dressing, mac, bolero, sport jacket, anorak, stole, fleece, windcheater, shortie, hoodie, Kaross, Hoody, evade, duffel coat, false colors, bomber jacket, sports jacket, sport coat, maxi, tux, Disguisement, jerkin, duster, tailcoat.

Sense 2

masquerade, mantle, guise, Infold, straitjacket, overall, pretense, enwrap, semblance, sheepskin, dj.

Sense 3

enfold, waterproof, coloring.

Sense 4

gloss, tail, front.

Sense 5


Sense 6

put on.

Sense 12



habilitate, fit out.




enshroud, encase.



Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

bomber jacket, pretext, dj, anorak, bolero, duffel coat.

Sense 3 (noun)

put on, blot out, stole.

cloak (noun)

mask, dissemble.

clothing (noun)

homburg, cape, greatcoat, clothes, coat, array, v neck, trousers, topcoat, crinoline, pull over, sari, raiment, sweat shirt, boot, brassiere, poncho, pajamas, pants, costume, bathrobe, fur, caftan, fez, overcoat, habit, duds, dress, attire, jacket, scarf, shoes, afghan, housecoat, outfit, smock, wrap, t-shirt, beret, blazer, fedora, tuxedo, trimming, jumper, pillbox, bowler, ensemble, robe, sports coat, shawl, slacks, halter, pea coat, vesture, garment, garb, camisole, gown, mackintosh, trench coat, shirt, evening gown, burnoose, stockings, sarong, dinner jacket, shorts, tunic, headdress, blouse, corset, apparel, petticoat, panties, sweater, footgear, pinafore, kimono, stetson, dressing gown, turtle-neck, chemise, nightgown, slicker, clothing, bonnet, skirt, ulster, jersey, kilt, windbreaker, parka, doublet, raincoat, chapeau, wrapper, pyjamas, blue jeans, frock, vestment, sweat suit, smoking jacket, suit, hat.

covering (noun)

envelope, shroud, covering, screening, casing, dermis, veneer, skin, patina, coating, canopy, wrapping.

conceal (verb)

bury, hide, blind, conceal, screen, censor, obscure, hush, camouflage, disguise.

contact (verb)

drape, robe, clothe.

cover (verb)

enshroud, encase, overlay, blanket, cover, envelop, mask, veil, sheath.

disguise (verb)

dissemble, cover, conceal, veil, shroud, dress up, hide, coat, obscure, screen, blanket.

perception (verb)

mask, dissemble.

Usage examples for cloak:

  • " Then take that cloak. - "Riders of the Silences", Max Brand.
  • The things under his cloak were strange indeed, for one was the sun, and one was the moon. - "The Book of Nature Myths", Florence Holbrook.

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