Pronunciation of Scarf
/skˈɑːf/, /skˈɑːf/, /s_k_ˈɑː_f/

Synonyms for scarf:

Sense 1

mantilla, band, veil, necktie, muffler, kerchief.

Sense 2




Other synonyms and related words:

inhale, veil, gobble, ingurgitate, scoff, muffler, band, necktie, devour, Accessories, scarf joint, mantilla, tie, kerchief, bolt.

bandana (noun)


clothing (noun)

garb, burnoose, mackintosh, blouse, bathrobe, pillbox, housecoat, attire, sweat suit, fez, sweater, homburg, tuxedo, skirt, pinafore, cloak, windbreaker, chemise, kilt, petticoat, greatcoat, overcoat, suit, topcoat, fur, smoking jacket, doublet, caftan, blazer, wrap, costume, vesture, afghan, t-shirt, pyjamas, dressing gown, nightgown, clothing, garment, tunic, pull over, brassiere, sari, slacks, kimono, panties, ensemble, shawl, sports coat, vestment, outfit, sarong, shirt, blue jeans, evening gown, shorts, trimming, apparel, poncho, frock, jersey, smock, cape, footgear, pajamas, coat, corset, gown, trousers, v neck, sweat shirt, camisole, stetson, duds, robe, slicker, bowler, pea coat, fedora, shoes, headdress, dinner jacket, bonnet, dress, clothes, jacket, stockings, raiment, habit, array, ulster, beret, trench coat, parka, crinoline, jumper, boot, halter, hat, pants, wrapper, turtle-neck, raincoat, chapeau.

muffler (noun)

kerchief, shawl.

throw (noun)


Usage examples for scarf:

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