Pronunciation of Can
/kˈan/, /kˈan/, /k_ˈa_n/

Antonyms for can:

employ, hire, engage.

Synonyms for can:

Sense 1

ampoule, tea caddy, pink slip, mason jar, topping, spray gun, slammer, coop, demiJohn, Baggie, should, fifth, Calaboose, gourd, picnic basket, cooler, keg, cistern, spray can, jerrycan, flash-freeze, wine cooler, goatskin, big house, dropper, flagon, seconds, jeroboam, ewer, hot-water bottle, thermos, ice chest, cake tin, atomizer, oilcan, magnum, ice bucket, cookie jar, breadbox, pokey, bread-bin, aerosol, serving, carton, carafe, vial, ought, canteen, package, siphon bottle, phial, coolbox, tiffin carrier, lunchbox, house of correction, rind, hoosegow, cocktail shaker, cylinder, brig, bowlful, Tupperware, plateful, GLOP, dice, cupful.

Sense 2

hamper, mouthful, morsel, used to, pat, homogenize, cashier, must, lockup, dollop, ration, prison, dispenser, penitentiary, dehydration, yogurt, shaker, clink, tub.

Sense 3

pickle, slab, nugget, irradiation, nibble, irradiate, cake, would, shall.

Sense 4

crib, pen, cure, consumption, could.

Sense 5

scrap, sugar, feast.

Sense 6

dash, feeder, slice, will, bite, release.

Sense 7

strength, tube, bounce.

Sense 8

taste, C, process.

Sense 9

dry, round.

Sense 10


Sense 13


Sense 15



give the gate.








put up.


rear end.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

cheek, release, pink slip, bounce, cashier.

Sense 4 (noun)

penitentiary, coolbox, big house, hoosegow, Baggie, pokey, house of correction, jail, breadbox, brig, bread-bin, cooler, prison, lockup, clink, slammer, cookie jar, coop, Calaboose, crib, pen, cake tin.

Sense 5 (noun)

cake, C, consumption, bite, bowlful.

Sense 7 (noun)

dehydration, dry, homogenize, irradiate, cure, flash-freeze.

Sense 8 (noun)

lay off, retire.

Sense 9 (noun)

ought, could, must, should, shall, used to, Cannot.

artifact (noun)

tin, tin can.

buttocks (noun)

backside, hind end, butt, posterior, behind, rump, tush, seat, fundament, fanny.

can (noun)

fanny, rear end, privy, lavatory, bum, give the axe, might, fundament, lav, force out, posterior, tin can, hind end, get, backside, stern, send away, sack, tail, tooshie, fire, tush, can buoy, bottom, rear, buns, canful, tail end, prat, seat, put up, behind, rump, butt, tin, derriere, bathroom, hindquarters, buttocks, keister, may, John, dismiss, terminate, nates, give notice.

container (noun)

cask, bladder, vault, pouch, capsule, stomach, belly, receptacle, basket, box, barrel, tray, cabinet, locker, chest, bag, shelf, vat, trunk, cupboard, suitcase, jug, repository, drawer, holder, sack, purse, bowl, closet, container, ladle, case, jar, bin, storage, tank, wallet, bucket, pocket, drum, decanter, reservoir, cup, flask, crate.

container, usually metallic (noun)

canister, bottle, bucket, package, jar, receptacle, tin.

jail (noun)

penitentiary, prison, jail.

package (noun)


penal institution (noun)

big house.

preservation (noun)

bottle, quick-freeze, archive, preservation, freezing, asylum, Embalming, bank, sanctuary, conservation, library, mummification, refrigeration.

prison (noun)


receptacle (noun)

hopper, magazine, canister, crock, caddy, pail, pitcher, saucer.

toilet (noun)

John, privy, lavatory, restroom, latrine, throne, water closet, washroom, potty, outhouse.

be able (verb)

could, may.

change (verb)

tin, put up.

fire from job (verb)

cashier, discharge, sack, terminate, bounce, dismiss.

preserve (verb)

marinate, mummify, embalm, freeze, conserve, petrify, preserve, refrigerate.

Usage examples for can:

  • I do not know that I can. - "Daisy in the Field", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • What can I do about it? - "K", Mary Roberts Rinehart.

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