Pronunciation of Gallant
/ɡˈalənt/, /ɡˈalənt/, /ɡ_ˈa_l_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for gallant:

shy, fearful, timid, unmannerly, gutless, cowardly, yellow, afraid.

Synonyms for gallant:

Sense 1

lothario, casanova, amorist, Fortitudinous, gutsy, Gutty, spunky, suitor, wolf.

Sense 2

hero, romeo, mettlesome, game, audacious, plucky.

Sense 3

stout, Don Juan.

Sense 4

solicitous, stately, attentive.




nicely, civilly, refined, politely, proper, urbane, correct, genteel, well behaved, civilized, well-brought-up.

brave (adjective)

heroic, unafraid, confident, courageous, chivalrous, intrepid, stalwart, Undauntable, valorous, stouthearted, brave, dauntless, valiant, fearless, undaunted, Fortitudinous, bold, defiant, undismayed, hardy.

brave, splendid (adjective)

glorious, courtly, courteous, stately, plucky, considerate, lionhearted, courageous, dignified, valorous, thoughtful, grand, noble, suave, game, attentive, valiant, dauntless, urbane, intrepid, lofty, doughty, heroic, daring, fearless, polite, magnanimous, dashing, bold, gracious, stouthearted.

courageous (adjective)

stout, valorous, manly.

courteous (adjective)

chivalrous, decorous, hospitable, considerate, thoughtful, suave, agreeable, civil, urbane, courteous, ladylike, polite, gentlemanly, well-mannered, deferential, mannerly, dignified, well-bred, respectful, diplomatic, gracious, obliging, noble, graceful.

elegant (adjective)


foppish (adjective)

dandy, foppish, cavalier.

manly (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

mettlesome, game, audacious, Fortitudinous, gutsy, Gutty, plucky, spunky, stout.

Sense 4 (noun)

stately, courtly.

Sense 6 (noun)

casanova, romeo, Don Juan, amorist, lothario.

fop (noun)

clotheshorse, blood, socialite, blade, dude, fop, beau, cavalier, peacock, swell, dandy, beauty.

gallant (noun)

dude, brave, courteous, fop, fearless, lofty, spirited, majestic, fashion plate, beau, chivalrous, impressive, knightly, sheik, courageous, squire, proud, dashing, dandy, clotheshorse, swell.

person (noun)


polite (noun)

correct, proper, civilized.

Usage examples for gallant:

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