Pronunciation of Ugly
/ˈʌɡli/, /ˈʌɡli/, /ˈʌ_ɡ_l_i/

Antonyms for ugly:

taking, unalarming, lovely, pretty, attractive, great, beautiful, good.

Synonyms for ugly:

Sense 1

unflattering, Hard-featured, yucky, twee, monstrosity, Minging, Charmless, chi-chi, unlovable, ornamental, plug-ugly, hulking, unprepossessing, bad-tempered.

Sense 2

querulous, irascible, roiled, graceful, ill-tempered, dangerous, turbulent, cranky, disgusting, revolting, unbecoming, severely, cantankerous, graceless, grouchy, sexless, waspish, snappish, fretful, sordid, irritable, petulant, showy, raging, grumpy, tempestuous, crabby, tasteless.

Sense 3

tumultuous, crabbed, ugliness, testy, roily, stormy, horrid.

Sense 4

nasty, foul, peevish, fright, dirty.

Sense 5

unwholesome, rugged, snappy.

Sense 6

violent, grim, rough, severe.

Sense 7

mess, sight.

Sense 9

look at.

Sense 10


Sense 11






awful (adjective)


cheap (adjective)


dangerous, threatening (adjective)

grievous, sinister, ominous, forbidding, crabby, surly, rough, violent, menacing, disagreeable, evil, crabbed, obnoxious, cantankerous.

pleasing (adjective)


rough (adjective)

roiled, roily.

threatening (adjective)

minacious, minatory.

ugly (adjective)

unpleasant, odious, displeasing, unappealing, shapeless, unpleasing, inelegant, repellent, undesirable, repugnant, unaesthetic, homely, unattractive, hideous, unlovely, abhorrent, disagreeable, unsightly, grotesque, Ill-looking, repulsive, disfigured, plain.

unattractive (adjective)

repugnant, deformed, Hard-featured, monstrous, gross, ill-favored, homely, revolting, unprepossessing, hideous, repulsive, loathsome, appalling, foul, frightful, unlovely, disfigured, horrid, grotesque, unsightly, awful, plain.

unpleasant, disagreeable (adjective)

sordid, repellent, despicable, disgusting, wretched, terrible, nauseous, sickening, shocking, wicked, odious, distasteful, noisome, vile, nasty, offensive, scandalous, dirty.

wicked (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

foul, revolting.

Sense 4 (noun)

unwholesome, disgusting, horrid, nasty.

Sense 6 (noun)

querulous, irascible, bad-tempered, crabbed, waspish, snappish, fretful, petulant, peevish, testy, grumpy, crabby, grouchy, snappy, cranky, ill-tempered, irritable, cantankerous.

Sense 7 (noun)

sight, mess, ugliness, monstrosity, fright.

ugly (noun)

repulsive, horrible, unaesthetic, disfigured, hideous, inaesthetic, grotesque, ill-favoured, unsightly, alarming, surly, threatening, horrifying, frightful, minacious, menacing, sinister, ominous, ill-favored, scrofulous, unworthy, unnatural, minatory, baleful, evil, unlovely, unpicturesque, monstrous, forbidding, vile, atrocious, ill-natured, wicked, despicable.

Usage examples for ugly:

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