Pronunciation of Man
/mˈan/, /mˈan/, /m_ˈa_n/

Antonyms for man:

animal, brute, woman, civilian, beast, adult female.

Synonyms for man:



Sense 1

nerd, hero, fancier, devotee, disciple, personage, packer, addict, aficionado, daredevil, dilettante, enthusiast, consenting adult, paramour, tough guy, Everybody, groupie, significant other, fella, spousal, young man, sunshine, middle-aged, firebrand, widower, thirtysomething, wife, eager beaver, student, fiend, spouse, nut, fan club, homo sapiens, sugar daddy, adulthood, fanatic, lover, missis, spotter, race, Bub, he, person, primate, wonk, maturity, admirer, youngish, adventurer, wifely, prepare, kidult, gambler, coming of age, toy boy, life partner, junkie.

Sense 2

forewoman, evangelist, flesh, paymaster, majority, fan, pal, dude, supporter, shop floor, suitor, yeoman, many, lion.

Sense 3

statistic, follower, badass, mature, operative, individual, living, freak, creature.

Sense 4

son, sweetheart, bull, wag, soul, officer.

Sense 5


Sense 6

lady, mortal.

Sense 7

heat, life, junior, brother.

Sense 8

being, mate.

Sense 9


Sense 10

law, party.

Sense 11

body, match.




sexless, androgynous, Gendered, layperson, tranny, gender, gender identity disorder, the opposite sex, unisex, transgender, gender-specific, transsexual.






manservant, valet.

valet de chambre

Valet De Chambre.

Other synonyms and related words:

admirer, follower, musical composition, sort, devotee, old man, serviceman, kidult, party, troops, mate, bull, addict, dude, personage, scout, junior, duck, manned, mature, life, force, earth, sweetheart, hubby, isle of man, beau, brother, forewoman, bit, law, face, thing, mortal, fan, military man, creation, fella, homo sapiens, Valet De Chambre, individual, humans, mortality, groupie, paramour, cosmos, supporter, middle-aged, globe, primate, suitor, macrocosm, earthly concern, customer, slob, sunshine, opus, layperson, firearm, master, boyfriend, nut, hero, paymaster, transgender, fish, while, Everybody, lover, Gendered, bird, heat, homophile, daredevil, human being, maturity, adventurer, gender-specific, mister, bod, son, body, androgynous, domain, young man, lady, existence, he, officer, soul, evangelist, soldiery, patch, husband, student, sexless, adulthood, match, gambler, small-arm, fanatic, reality, nerd, slice, freak, aficionado, prepare, transsexual, flesh, enthusiast, sugar daddy, cookie, military personnel, race, operative, world, spouse, unisex, packer, part, piece, human, humanness, baby, universe, wife, piece of music, swain, wag, valet, creature, being, constabulary, badass, yeoman, gender, manservant, missis, wight, composition, specimen, worldly concern, disciple, wonk, spell, egg, character, person, majority, partner, adult male, lion, finest, police, gentleman's gentleman.

Sense 2 (noun)

master, swain, beau, yeoman, mister, he.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

enthusiast, body, life, mortal, evangelist, fanatic, party, devotee, lover, fan, aficionado, being, soul, individual, personage, follower, creature, supporter.

Sense 5 (noun)

homo sapiens, mature, consenting adult, flesh, adulthood, majority, kidult, coming of age.

Sense 6 (noun)

finest, adventurer, gambler, police, hero, tough guy, law, badass, heat, lion, daredevil, officer, bull.

Sense 12 (noun)


Sense 14 (noun)


Sense 15 (noun)

operative, paymaster, packer, forewoman.

Sense 17 (noun)

missis, match, lady, life partner, mate.

anthropoid (noun)


artifact (noun)


butler (noun)

manservant, valet.

gender (noun)

layperson, gender identity disorder, the opposite sex, androgynous, gender, gender-specific, Gendered.

human being (noun)

mortal, person.

husband (noun)

spouse, husband, partner.

lawman (noun)


male human (noun)

guy, husband, gentleman, boyfriend, son, beau, brother, fellow, swain, spouse, he.

man (noun)

guy, male, military man, gentleman's gentleman, hombre, chap, humankind, boy, humanity, serviceman, human race, military personnel, buck, human beings, world, gentleman, human, manhood, adult male, masculinity, fellow, Valet De Chambre, mankind, gent, humans, human being, isle of man, piece, valet.

mankind (noun)

folk, community, human race, Family, citizenry, species, human beings, humanity, society, mankind, public, humankind, people, populace, culture, commonwealth.

person (noun)


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