Pronunciation of Box
/bˈɒks/, /bˈɒks/, /b_ˈɒ_k_s/

Antonyms for box:


Synonyms for box:

Sense 1

box-number, onstage, tub, title bar, square off, the silver screen, middleweight, box office, icon, flyweight, catwalk, burial, backcloth, camera, cremate, aisle, pull-down menu, southpaw, call box, exhume, cortege, epitaph, rural route, headlock, interment, pallbearer, wallpaper, boatload, wristband, bare-knuckle, error message, zip code, marquee, pay-phone, radio button, thumbnail, gel, cursor, the Queensberry Rules, status bar, fistful, i-beam, nail, shin guard, curtain, wording, help screen, tracksuit, mummify, inter, orchestra, telephone kiosk, phone booth, pack away, morgue, screenshot, tubful, post-office box, desk, hot spot, telephone booth, toolbar, proscenium, menu bar, uppercut, sweatsuit, face value, desktop, drop-down menu, annex, wedge, funeral, sparring partner, dress circle, bantamweight, shadow boxing, Obsequies, welterweight, cram, downstage, interpose, funeral home, guided tour, featherweight, annexe, Kickboxing, greenroom, leotard, postage stamp, PO Box, active window, mortuary, bout, jockstrap, boxing, packing crate, bucketful, scroll bar, small print, potful, intersperse, gray out, avatar, repose, crematorium, overfill, roomful, phone box, button bar, athletic supporter, the houselights, funeral director, sumo, blip, telephone box, subheading, auditorium, spoonful, winding-sheet, Indian wrestling, packing case, wrestler, the WWF, mourner, offstage, postage, armful, undertaker, urn, cremains, pack, funerary, pack into, glove, cartload, wreath, deep water, resolution, footer, professional wrestling, cell, taskbar, registered office, footlights, packing, eyeful, dialog box, attention line, orchestra pit, peanut gallery, interleave, turtle, sweats, upstage, ko, button, widget, one-two, RFD, prizefighter, dessertspoon, sackful, stage door, text box, pyre, mortician, bump, rostrum, shovelful, executor, pocketful, shin pad, embalm, houseful, wrestling, postcode, singlet, checkbox, wetsuit, safety curtain, dutch, gravedigger, arm-wrestling, pugilist, lead with, tick box, ringside, markup, rectangle.

Sense 2

hot water, count out, shroud, dilemma, slap, punch, graphics, prompt, footnote, handful, predicament, plight, pail, fighter, stranglehold, soup, heavyweight, backstage, amendment, blank, slab, runway, knockout, scenery, ruler, disinter, foot, knockdown, welter, insertion, pop up, lock away, jock, jersey, reel, duke, bar, wake, spank, pallet, right hander, slugger, row, lightweight, shoulder pad, shoehorn, pan, window, menu, apron, stall, heading, smacker, jigger, paragraph, mourning, boxer, pit, jab, backdrop, RR, chamber, eulogy, entomb.

Sense 3

mold, coda, gallery, left, supporter, kit, inset, whack, ram, slot into, lie, screen, catch-all, undertaking, pack up, spar, overload, guard, slot in, beat, tin, text, ash, rest, pickle, reservation.

Sense 4

passage, spat, center, reference, scrape, jam, clip, wing, body, embed, bury, fight, quagmire, attachment, page.

Sense 5

load, strip, content, scoop, spot, warm up, lock, ring, insert, lay out, smack.

Sense 6

fall, shake, difficulty, cross, space, bed, squeeze, house, zip, throw, thread, round, bind.

Sense 7

section, seat, white, stuff.

Sense 8


Sense 9

set, squash, bust, trouble, line, stamp.

Sense 11


Sense 18








cash register










Other synonyms and related words:

fix, dress circle, nook, thwack, set, jam, peanut gallery, poke, cross, embed, knock, page, hot water, tube, haymaker, menu, glove, overfill, ko, street corner, heading, bop, turning point, eyeful, undertaking, coda, left, mortuary, envelop, body, cremate, pit, runway, resolution, catwalk, ram, bier, pugilist, feed, boxful, rectangle, jackpot, arm-wrestling, jockstrap, television, amendment, rap, catch-22, thumbnail, pail, epitaph, content, boatload, boxer, downstage, executor, bash, thump, lick, beat, sarcophagus, booth, box seat, fistful, cartload, footer, punch, cram, markup, spank, recession, package, auditorium, bust, stall, singlet, exhume, envelope, caddy, lightweight, stripe, morgue, slugger, ash, fight, pickle, supporter, orchestra, boob tube, enclose, clout, paragraph, pall, quagmire, zip, rest, chop, smack, blow, packing case, load, window, till, section, offstage, slap, smite, duke, welterweight, spat, footnote, stranglehold, cell, shroud, pallbearer, swat, funeral, handful, corner, southpaw, difficulty, bind, rattrap, blank, wording, rostrum, screen, whack, coffin, buffet, strip, pallet, cuff, zap, wallop, balcony, trouble, prompt, pack, desk, stinger, armful, predicament, swipe, annex, pack away, inter, tv, biff, dilemma, belt, gel, wrestling, onstage, wham, scoop, interment, smash, catch-all, button, Obsequies, hot spot, gallery, clip, jigger, thud, concussion, wallpaper, dutch, parcel, quoin, spar, Encage, slug, tin, bout, encase, upstage, boxwood, cortege, blip, spot, apron, line, bare-knuckle, welter, slab, postage, house, space, larrup, wedge, telly, chamber, knockdown, bat, hammer, prizefighter, loge, stuff, bump, cursor, jab, boxing, bury, disinter, right, welt, pocketful, fighter, bucketful, widget, paste, cut, reservation, soup, plight, niche, fit, dessertspoon, insertion, scrape, sackful, ruler, RFD, recess, stamp, fall, smacker, bed, wing, lash.

Sense 1 (noun)

blip, bar, button bar, cell, checkbox, button, avatar, active window.

Sense 2 (noun)

plight, scrape, soup, spot, hot spot, deep water, jam, difficulty, bind, trouble, dutch, quagmire, dilemma, television, fix, pickle, hot water, predicament.

Sense 3 (noun)

auditorium, apron, box office, backdrop, backstage, backcloth, aisle, balcony.

Sense 5 (noun)

annexe, annex, attention line, blank, coda, attachment, amendment, foot.

Sense 6 (noun)

boxer, bout, arm-wrestling, count out, cross, boxing, bantamweight, bare-knuckle.

Sense 7 (noun)

boatload, armful, bucketful, cartload, dessertspoon.

Sense 8 (noun)

coffin, cortege, burial, cremate, bury, cremains.

Sense 9 (noun)

jock, jersey, shin pad, kit, leotard, jockstrap, athletic supporter, shin guard.

Sense 10 (noun)

center, bed, cram, embed, entomb.

Sense 11 (noun)

mold, envelope, catch-all.

Sense 12 (noun)

postcode, box-number, face value, PO Box, post-office box, RFD, postage, postage stamp, registered office.

Sense 13 (noun)

phone booth, telephone box, telephone kiosk, pay-phone, telephone booth, phone box, call box.

artifact (noun)


baby bed (noun)


box (noun)

boxwood, boxful, corner, loge, package.

box seat (noun)


bundle (noun)


case (noun)

coffer, crib, carton, canister, scabbard, capsule, rack, socket, quiver, sheath, file, holster, cedar chest, folio, hutch, casket, portfolio.

container (noun)

container, suitcase, vat, bucket, barrel, purse, repository, receptacle, vault, bottle, locker, tank, tray, drawer, holder, decanter, pocket, ladle, bowl, shelf, stomach, crate, case, bladder, sack, drum, jug, bin, trunk, cupboard, chest, pouch, cask, reservoir, can, closet, storage, cup, wallet, jar, cabinet, basket, flask, bag, belly.

container, often square or rectangular (noun)

casket, receptacle, bin, crate, package, trunk, chest, coffer, carton, case, pack.

crisis (noun)


package (noun)


predicament (noun)

hot spot, corner, deep water.

receptacle (noun)


state (noun)


trees (noun)


contact (verb)


place in square or rectangular container (verb)


punch competitively (verb)

slug, buffet, clout, wallop, cuff, spar, duke, slap, whack.

Usage examples for box:

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