Pronunciation of Like
/lˈa͡ɪk/, /lˈa‍ɪk/, /l_ˈaɪ_k/

Antonyms for like:

scorn, heterogeneous, despise, dislike, unalike, different, unequal, dissimilar, hate, unlike, inconsistent.

Synonyms for like:

Sense 1

carouse, conformable, biased, drink in, unreceptiveness, get off on, dudgeon, come-hither, revel in, sugarcoat, proclivity, exceptionable, unacceptable, inhospitableness, clannish, disapprobation, enchanting, disesteem, idolization, lap up, pleasurable, reminiscent, another, generic, dweeb, Of, blamed, proneness, allied, vociferation, well-liked, conterminous, gallivant, similarly, hit it off, Disrelish, unwished-for, ungraciousness, one-sidedness, congruent, likewise, tendentiousness, Luring, soak in, gad, Inveigling, allurement, me-too, Overjoy, preferably, delight in, enticing, undesired, tire of, as if, unwelcomeness, partisanship, comparably, tendentious, Inveiglement, alluring, bewitching, ruffled feathers, otherwise, fancier, Crawly, copycat, blasted, delectation, attractiveness.

Sense 2

honey, fascinate, magnetism, infliction, Prepossessed, distaste, indigestible, bias, fetching, inadmissible, prejudice, soak up, glamorous, repellent, daughter, disfavor, bask, nausea, glamour, sugar, nauseating, gratifying, one-sided, witchery, prepossession, attractive, adoration, displease, bigotry, satisfying, allure, penchant, umbrage, accursed, inviting, disgust, objectionable, gratify, gladden, lure, inhospitality, wallow, devotion, Than, trend, fascinating, following, sickening, disgusting, charming, prepossessing, closely, candy, seductive, charisma, go in for, adorable, gravitate, uninvited, offensive, preferred, seduction, equally, distasteful, prejudiced, unwelcome, please, execrable, agreeable, propensity, revolting, taking, unwanted, temptation, disinclination, revel, deprecate, snare, veneration, resentment, lovable, entice, dote on, favorite, discountenance, creepy, Mislike, imposition, delectable, bait, tendency, captivate, prejudicial, witching, miff, leaning, nauseate, tempting, fascination, displeasure, winsome, undesirable, eat up, willing, virtual, predilection, unsought, nerd, magnetize.

Sense 3

enticement, attraction, cursed, drip, disapprove, revolt, trap, atrocious, delightful, devotee, delight, savor, attract, darling, confounded, offend, gorge, ill-favored, luxuriate, enchantment, huff, And, pleasing, darn, sicken, infernal, disapproval, pretty, ruddy, predispose, enter into, reverence, admirer, predisposition, now, lovely, congenial, unpalatable, pleasure, luscious, favored, heavenly, intolerance, winning, horrid, bewitch, rumpus, partial, liking, compatible, audience, fondness, enthusiast, repulsive, grateful, pill, outcry, inducement, tickle, enchant, preference.

Sense 4

cheer, pique, clamor, party, come-on, want, delicious, vile, rollick, pleasant, enjoyment, blessed, parallel, hullabaloo, gild, partiality, intrusion, damned, care for, painful, nice, foul, get out of, beguile, repel, ugly, offense, charm, dispose, disposition, appetite, invitation, joy, nasty, incline, pull, conceit.

Sense 5

blooming, creep, lover, near, appeal, oh, unwholesome, uproar, weakness, bitter, welcome, go out, go for.

Sense 6

will, influence, off, pet, indulge, popular, crawl, favorable.

Sense 7

well, mind.

Sense 8

draw, live, get out, bloody, get into.

Sense 9

engaging, take, roll, dig, good.

Sense 10


Sense 24


Sense 25



care about.










take to.

for instance

for example.




care to.





all (adjective)

similar, same.

equal (adjective)

equivalent, identical, equal, indistinguishable, alike, tantamount, same.

identical (adjective)


similar (adjective)

close, cognate, allied, related, twin, near, akin, undifferentiated, corresponding, same, compatible, semblance, similar, ersatz, equal, analogous, uniform, consonant, imitative, matching, comparable, consistent, Resembling, parallel, equivalent, such, alike, identical.

uniform (adjective)

equable, homogeneous, steady, indistinguishable, alike, undiversified, undeviating, seamless, unvarying, level, unbroken, uniform, same, undifferentiated, consonant, invariable, even, assonant, consistent, monolithic, regular.

Sense 2 (noun)

go for, dig, savor, sort of.

Sense 3 (noun)

now, oh, conceit, take to, O.K., And, well.

Sense 4 (noun)

revel in, want, will, go in for, please, delight in, drink in, get.

Sense 5 (noun)

preference, leaning.

cognition (noun)

the likes of, the like.

counterpart (noun)

peer, match.

like (noun)

corresponding, wish, care, alike, look-alike, equal, similar, equivalent, comparable, suchlike, like-minded.

love (noun)


choose (verb)

choose, decide, determine, elect, favor, pick, select, judge, espouse, wish, fancy, adopt.

choose, feel inclined (verb)

wish, prefer, select, want, please, will, desire, elect.

emotion (verb)

wish, care.

enjoy, be fond of (verb)

appreciate, dig, savor, go for, care to, care for, approve, fancy, revel in, esteem, dote on, love, delight in, adore, relish, cherish, take to, admire.

like (verb)

enjoy, prefer, esteem, relish, admire, appreciate.

love (verb)

worship, desire, idolize, infatuate, cherish, love, adore, care.

related (verb)


Usage examples for like:

  • And the girl- what is she like? - "The Wooden Horse", Hugh Walpole.
  • And like a fool I never thought of it! - "The Adventures of Jimmie Dale", Frank L. Packard.
  • I don't understand any of this, and I don't like it. - "Gold in the Sky", Alan Edward Nourse.

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