Pronunciation of All
/ˈɔːl/, /ˈɔːl/, /ˈɔː_l/

Antonyms for all:

some, none, incompletely, partially, no., zero, partly.

Synonyms for all:

Sense 1

wide-ranging, scorecard, Tri-, overarching, scoreless, Demi-, latter, Indo-, overall, Haemo-, Multi-, goal difference, given, Poly-, spectrum, Aero-, across the board, rattle up, Meta-, Hemo-, goalless, Milli-, patri-, the sum total, Im-, Mis-, a-, scoreboard, strike back, broadly, Intra-, goal, Omni-, Whenever, pull away, pegboard, opener, between, Mal-, undecided, tiebreaker, nil, NANO-, Uni-, Di-, wide, Astro-, game point, Trans-, scoreline, con-, the full monty, Anybody, unbeaten, Anglo-, winner, hat trick, then, e-, Hyper-, amount, Including, put away, goaltending, general, goalkeeping, rent-a-, catch-all, Anything, included, globalized, femto-, till.

Sense 2

inside, lot, concede, cushion, equalize, thoroughly, inclusive, Until, bury, save, unequal, equalizer, blanket, utterly, within, across, This, own goal, wholesale, sometime, yet.

Sense 3

attack, absolutely, jack, here, assist, quite, separate, when, perfectly, works, rack up, last, fully, target.

Sense 4

net, square, miss, apart, tie, mark, point, on.

Sense 5

past, strike, before.

Sense 6

even, further, down, tight, drop, off.

Sense 7


Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 13



every, each.





Other synonyms and related words:

all the, wholly, before, either, all of, scoreless, bury, general, every inch, here, heartily, clean, mark, alone, This, They, in, then, when, lot, wholesale, perfectly, down, only, concentrated, apiece, Until, off, goaltending, assist, wide, thoroughly, miss, apart, solely, across, on the whole, overall, quite, totally, Anything, works, last, opener, all in all, further, inside, Anybody, fully, on, utterly, per capita, included, Including, till, all told, even, in all, any, aggregate, work, sometime, each, inclusive, concede, through and through, completely, every, wide-ranging, cushion, attack, all over, unequal, altogether, net, yet, jack, exactly, unbeaten, blanket, amount, nil, goal, tie, exclusively, strike, absolutely, exclusive, catch-all, Whenever, aggregation, entirely, focused.

across-the-board (adjective)

wide, all-embracing, across the board, global.

complete (adjective)

full, entire, done, through, unified, solid, exhaustive, unabridged, intact, thorough, plenary, total, accomplished, final, unsevered, sum, integral, finished, uncut, undivided, whole, conclusive, complete, comprehensive, collective, universal.

each; every one of a class (adjective)

sum, every, totality, whole, any.

entire (adjective)

complete, tally, gross, total, all-inclusive, full-fledged, all-embracing, full-scale, whole, global, full-grown, full, holistic, entire, sweeping, sum, exhaustive, mass, comprehensive, conclusive.

every (adjective)


exclusively (adjective)

only, solely, alone.

universal (adjective)

all over.

whole quantity (adjective)

full, entire, gross, total, complete.

all (adverb)

entirely, totally, altogether, wholly, completely, whole.

completely, without exception (adverb)

altogether, exactly, entirely, totally, utterly, all in all, fully, wholly, quite.

altogether (adverb)

in all, on the whole, all in all.

as a whole (adverb)


completely (adverb)

totally, utterly, quite.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

wholesale, the sum total, overall.

Sense 4 (noun)

attack, bury, aggregate, cushion, assist, concede.

Sense 5 (noun)

here, sometime, last, This, Until, before, then, Whenever, when.

Sense 6 (noun)

across the board.

all (noun)

every, fully, full, altogether, Everybody, complete, entire, entirety, comprehensiveness, Everyone, aggregate, sum, utterly, entirely, whole, wholly, totally, Everything, total, each, completely, wholesale.

collection (noun)

aggregation, aggregate.

entirety (noun)

gestalt, completeness, comprehensiveness, fullness, entirety, exhaustiveness, Everyone, Everybody, Everything, wholeness, conclusiveness, totality.

people (noun)


whole; totality (noun)

mass, Everything, entirety, aggregate, across the board, aggregation, Everyone, works.

Usage examples for all:

  • And that was all she had said. - "The Lion's Share", E. Arnold Bennett.
  • " No, sir," said Charles, " it will not please me at all." - "The Passionate Elopement", Compton Mackenzie.
  • " That's all right," said Racey. - "The Heart of the Range", William Patterson White.

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