Pronunciation of Rounded
/ɹˈa͡ʊndɪd/, /ɹˈa‍ʊndɪd/, /ɹ_ˈaʊ_n_d_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for rounded:

isogonic, angular, equiangular, rectangular, unicuspid.

Synonyms for rounded:

Sense 1

arciform, arced, turned, curvilinear.



Other synonyms and related words:

annulate, paraboloidal, rodlike, bicephalous, oval, egg-shaped, ear-shaped, arciform, fat, prolate, annular, tube-shaped, crescent-shaped, amygdaloid, cycloidal, almond-shaped, ellipsoid, ellipsoidal, elliptical, curvilinear, full, circinate, lunate, spatulate, hyperboloidal, aspherical, lingulate, plumlike, bowfront, domed, tubelike, semilunar, ring-shaped, endomorphic, ringed, oblong, Allantoid, rod-shaped, parabolical, pineal, non-circular, pyknic, olivelike, ovoid, umbrellalike, crescent, tongue-shaped, ovate, Disciform, elliptic, vasiform, auriform, turned, annulated, aspheric, amygdaliform, cylindrical, spatula-shaped, terete, experienced, spheroidal, vaulted, arced, oviform, amygdaloidal.

bent (adjective)

arciform, arced, bowed.

blunt (adjective)

obtuse, dull, pointless, unpointed, blunt, unsharpened.

circular (adjective)

ring-shaped, circinate, spherical, annular, orbital, circular, round, circuitous, cycloid.

convex (adjective)

bulging, raised, arched, convex, curved.

curved (adjective)

hanging, convex, bent, hooked, crooked, parabolic, bowed, circular, curvilinear, curved, rotund, arched, sagging, spherical, serpentine, oval.

deep (adjective)


round (adjective)

potbellied, corpulent, rotund, round, bulbous, spherical.

rounded (noun)

ear-shaped, aspherical, paraboloidal, almond-shaped, plumlike, amygdaloid, rodlike, vasiform, hyperboloidal, crescent, vaulted, ovate, crescent-shaped, olivelike, tube-shaped, lunate, tubelike, fat, amygdaloidal, cycloid, elliptical, spatula-shaped, terete, rod-shaped, prolate, oval, bowfront, ring-shaped, cycloidal, ovoid, parabolical, auriform, annulated, endomorphic, elliptic, circular, umbrellalike, annulate, rotund, oviform, lingulate, annular, amygdaliform, spatulate, cylindrical, non-circular, pyknic, egg-shaped, ellipsoid, oblong, pineal, ringed, spheroidal, bicephalous, parabolic, domed, semilunar, ellipsoidal, aspheric, circinate, tongue-shaped.

curved (verb)

Cambered, Swerved, swept, Hanged, Sagged.

Usage examples for rounded:

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