Synonyms for pageant:

Sense 1

spelling bee, parade, bake-off, picture.

Sense 2

raffle, inspection, beauty contest, performance.

Sense 3


Other synonyms and related words:

circus, display, boasting, pomp, piece, spectacular, boast, inspection, flourish, picture, ostentation, raree-show, pomposity, parade, raffle, extravaganza, vaunt, pageantry, pompousness, performance, ceremony.

Sense 2 (noun)

bake-off, raffle, beauty contest, spelling bee.

act (noun)


drama (noun)

teleplay, improvisation, mime, art, mystery, show, presentation, ballet, excitement, improvisational drama, scene, skit, comedy, pantomime, burlesque, rendering, drama, melodrama, tragedy, production, broadway, vaudeville, choreography, spectacle, suspense, variety, panorama, theater, characterization.

pageant (noun)


spectacle or contest (noun)

extravaganza, pomp, show, parade, display.

Usage examples for pageant:

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