Pronunciation of Mock
/mˈɒk/, /mˈɒk/, /m_ˈɒ_k/

Antonyms for mock:

real, genuine, echt, authentic, true, natural.

Synonyms for mock:

Sense 1

made-up, fictive, crib note, illusory, proctor, imaginary, lampoon, otherworldly, cheat sheet, notional, stultify, examiner, twit, sarcasm, fabled, testing, sarcastic, simulated, multiple-choice, Fleer, hypothetical, rubric, fabulous, self-mockery, insubstantial.

Sense 2

certificate, dare, custard pie, cardboard, travesty, manmade, exam, fictitious, phantom, mythical.

Sense 3

borderline, quiz, farce, send up, laugh.

Sense 4

candidate, rib, examination, script, mockery.

Sense 5

little, crib.

Sense 6

sham, paper.

Sense 7

through, tease, light.

Sense 9


Sense 32





send up, Replicated, copy.




gibe, stultify, twit, satirize.


make sport of.

Other synonyms and related words:

insubstantial, hypothetical, like, made-up, satirize, faux, rubric, strained, farce, certificate, derision, mechanical, quiz, plastic, scorn, borderline, script, feigned, replica, imaginary, tease, sport, mark, sham, facsimile, factitious, examination, candidate, pseudo, reduplication, spurious, defy, travesty, make sport of, through, pretended, laughingstock, fictitious, sarcastic, carbon, reproduction, duplication, substitute, bemock, man-made, laugh, exam, put on, mockery, crib, contrived, examiner, skewer, replication, manmade, otherworldly, twit, Fleer, illusory, little, fictive, stultify, phony, dummy, simulated, dare, rib, set, lampoon.

artificial (adjective)

ersatz, bogus, sham, unnatural, factitious, plastic, synthetic.

artificial, fake (adjective)


imitative (adjective)

Mimicked, copied, duplicate, Replicated, assumed, counterfeit, imitative, Aped, Parodied, Impersonated, reproduced, parallel, parroted, Echoed, mirror.

mock (adjective)

forged, pretended, imitation, spurious, fraudulent, mimic, feigned, dummy, simulated, substitute, false, imitative, phony, counterfeit.

pretentious (adjective)

fraudulent, ersatz, false, imposture, mannered, counterfeit, affected, forged, unnatural, posing, showy, la-di-da, fake, stiff, synthetic, bogus, artificial, stagy, facade, ostentatious, histrionic, theatrical, stilted, pretentious, Masquerading, Impersonating, forced, imitation, deceitful, overdone, studied.

substitute (adjective)


unreal (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

fictitious, imaginary, made-up, hypothetical.

Sense 2 (noun)

exam, candidate, twit, borderline, crib, crib note, certificate, examination, examiner, cheat sheet, laugh, quiz.

Sense 3 (noun)

travesty, lampoon, custard pie.

Sense 4 (noun)

sham, mockery, farce.

burlesque (noun)

mockery, farce.

counterfeit (noun)

sham, pretended.

mock (noun)

imitative, counterfeit, bemock.

abase (verb)

defame, degrade, malign, disgrace, embarrass, dishonor, shame, abase.

ape (verb)

copy, impersonate, echo, parrot, emulate.

banter (verb)

jest, razz, joke, ridicule, rag.

mock (verb)

jeer, defy, travesty, fake, mirror, feign, insult, mime, tease, lampoon, scorn, ape, sneer, rib, burlesque, simulate, satirize, scoff, kid, taunt, deride, parody, caricature, send up, imitate.

ridicule (verb)

burlesque, ridicule, scoff, joke, humiliate, quip, ride, jest, deprecate, insult, razz, rag, sneer, jeer, deride, roast, taunt, denigrate, caricature, gibe, kid.

shame (verb)

expose, ostracize, discomfit, pillory, vilify, show up, stigmatize, scandalize, debunk.

Usage examples for mock:

  • Gryphons, Mock 'Turkles, ' Mad Hatters- a circus within a circus! - "Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings", Annie Hamilton Donnell.
  • Where shall ye find the fool to mock Our works in war? - "The Rhesus of Euripedes", Euripedes.
  • And I, too, may mock my Lord! - "My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year", John Henry Jowett.

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