Pronunciation of Delinquency
/dɪlˈɪnkwənsi/, /dɪlˈɪnkwənsi/, /d_ɪ_l_ˈɪ_n_k_w_ə_n_s_i/

Antonyms for delinquency:


Synonyms for delinquency:

Sense 1

crime, nonfeasance, inside job, crime wave, statutory offense, capital crime, computer crime, street crime, carelessness, felony, hate crime, misdemeanor, cybercrime, petty crime.

Sense 2

capital offence, fault.

Sense 3

omission, nuisance.

Sense 6


Other synonyms and related words:

fault, nonfeasance, dereliction, Misprision, crime, immorality, juvenile delinquency, misdeed, omission, capital crime, negligence, felony, failure, willful neglect, sin, belatedness, vice, carelessness, neglect, depravity, criminality, misdemeanor, viciousness, guilt, cybercrime, ungodliness, nonpayment, oversight, transgression, nuisance.

Sense 2 (noun)

neglect, capital offence, felony, computer crime, crime wave, capital crime, cybercrime, nonfeasance, hate crime, failure, misdemeanor, omission, inside job.

crime (noun)

immorality, criminality.

debt (noun)

debit, iou, deficit, debt, liability, mortgage, note, voucher, arrears, default, obligation, indebtedness, loan, pledge.

delinquency (noun)

juvenile delinquency, willful neglect, dereliction.

failure (noun)

nonpayment, nonfeasance.

inexpedience (noun)

impropriety, inconvenience, unfitness, ineptness, inefficiency, inexpedience, untimeliness, unsuitability.

lateness (noun)

tardiness, lateness.

misconduct (noun)

failure, crime, misdemeanor, dereliction, nonfeasance, neglect, misdeed, default, oversight, fault.

neglect (noun)


untimeliness (noun)

infelicity, inauspiciousness, prematurity, inopportuneness.

Usage examples for delinquency:

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